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Other Nail Supplies

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Pedicure Foam Slippers

Pedicure Foam Slippers: Double stitched disposable foam slipper.Each pair is individually packed in a poly bag for sanitary purposes. One size fits all construction with a slip resistant sole, improved traction as well as a wide and long foam foot bed. Designed with a stitch at the thong for greater durability and a soft cushioning foam to provide your pedicure spa clients a gentle relaxing experience.

Toe Separator Pedicure Foam

Toe Separator Pedicure Foam: Our Pedicure Toe Separators are made from the highest quality foam on the market. Fits comfortably around toes for a mess-free polish experience.

Universal Disposable Liners

Universal Disposable Liners The liner, made with recyclable plastic and designed for one-time use, is perfectly pre-fitted to the tub for a professional look. (200pcs/box)


Azura Pedicure Chair On Sale

Dezra Pedicure Chair, On sale

Zero Garvity Fiori Full Body Massage Pedicure Chair