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7 Advice For Nail Technicians

Question:  Customers complain after being designed nails, why are their nails swollen and it seems to be burned? What should we do in this case?

Cause:  There are many reasons such as maybe for the heat of chemicals used to make nails previously was applied too much in the customers’ hands. In the ordinary case, if the nails are red swollen due to chemicals in which contain high acid.

Solution:  Do not abuse chemicals arbitrarily. If the skin was slightly red swollen, you can use specialized cosmetic for soothing the effect of heating, such as Very sparingly. If the customers’ nails were serious swollen and red swollen too much, do not make nails .

Question: Customers complain about cracked nails too much?

Cause: If it is the real nail, this is a case of customers’ nails were cracked because the root of nail is not protected carefully, the root of nail is unstable. If the nails made in flour foundation and the flour foundations are cracked, due to quality of the flour foundations is not good or in the winter they heat the flour foundations before applying them, this can also make them be cracked. Sometimes due to the actual working conditions of the customers in heavy labor or cold environments.

Solution: According to many skilled technicians, you can use the special chemicals such as Silk Nail Selective to help the root of nail keep stably and growth again. The following cases need to pay attention to the quality of the flour foundation and preserved them in making nails or remind the customers to be more cautious in private working conditions... to protect the flour foundation better.

Question: Customers who to soak their hands in water too much do complain about when their nails are done. Since their nail paint is peeled off easily and being attached by onychomycosis is a large capacity, they are very scare. What should we do for customers?

Cause: This is quite popular in certain conditions, the customers often immerse their hands in water due to demand for such work as it easily peels off paint, at this time if the nails are not polished back promptly, it can arise onychomycosis.

Solution: When making nails in this case, workers should clean and dry the nail, then apply specialized cosmetics for peeled nail areas before making the nail normally. If the customers request the better protection for the peeled nail areas, you can use the special cosmetics as Secret Beauty Nail Glue Plus.

Question: Customer uses foot care service and complain her leg skin was dry and rough. What can be done to help the customers feel more satisfied?

Causes: Dry and rough skins are common situations when making foot care service for the older customer; age is fairly common cause.

Solution: You can soak the customers’ feet in water bath a little longer, especially if they are too dry and there are many roughs, you should use chemical to wash the wound (powdered chemical or types of protective chemical) then file slightly or use rough file to scrub them if necessary. Finally, polishing the nails and apply specialized chemicals to protect again.

Question: The customer complains about her toenails discolor into pink. What is the most appropriate way to handle it?

Cause: Pink of toenails may be caused by the pigment of skin cell, especially when we used red polish before.

Solution: You can avoid this phenomenon, when making nails, you should paint the foundation carefully, and clean stains from remaining nail polish if any. Sometimes, you can use the chemicals necessary to help prevent the change of color and support the foundation more gloss and durable, as Orly Top 2 Bottom , Set 's Natural Nail Adhesive Ultra .

Question: The customer complains about her nails discolor into black? What should be done?

Causes: This is the case maybe the nails have bruised before (bruised nails) due to foundation of nails were damaged, blood was stagnated beneath the nails. Then they gradually change from dark brown to dark. Sometimes healed, the nail was still peeled off.

Solution: According to the growth of the nail, it will recover. Warning should not make the fake  nails.

Question: If this is the first-time the customer come to the nail store and she complain about her nails are too thin. How to make the most appropriate nails?

Cause: Due to dietary of the customer causes itself such as malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, diseases such as neurological disorders. Customer’s nails are often thin, white and curved at the tip of nail, there is the phenomenon called eggshell nails (Eggshell nails).

Solution: Be careful because this nail type is usually breakable, broken due to its thin and brittle. Smooth file should be used when manipulating. There you can cut off the tip of nail, mounted the fake nail on it and apply flour foundation to the nail for growing out.

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