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    Acetone And Non-Acetone Polish Remover

    Nail polish removers come in both acetone-based and non-acetone versions. What is the basic difference between the two, and which should you use for each purpose? These are some of the perplexing questions that face women when they are about to purchase their next nail polish remover.

    acetone polish removerIf you need something that works fast, then you can go for acetone-based nail polish removers. They however contain strong chemicals and can be harmful to sensitive skin. If you need something more gentle, you can use non-acetone versions.

    Acetone is a flammable solvent that can even dissolve plastic. This is one of the reasons it is able to dissolve the polish and make it come off your nails. One of the main ingredients used in making acetone is isopropyl alcohol. Acetone can be recognized by its harsh smell.

    An alternative to acetone had to be invented when artificial nails came into vogue. Acetone could not be used to remove polish from artificial nails as the strong solvent in acetone-based removers also weakened the binding agent, making the nail extensions come off the natural nail. A milder remover that did not affect the binding action in the artificial nail had to be invented. That is how non-acetone nail removers came into being.

    Ethyl acetate is the main ingredient used in non-acetone nail polish removers. It is made from acetic acid and ethanol. While it is also flammable, it is colorless and has a pleasant fragrance. This has made it useful in the perfume industry.

    The mechanics of a nail polish remover are quite simple. Dried polish is actually organic polymer that has hardened. The remover is an organic solvent in liquid form. When you apply the remover over the polish, the particles in the solvent penetrate the particles in the polymer and make them disintegrate.

    non-acetone polish removerIf your polish is strong with glitter and sparkles, you might need to go for a strong remover. In this case, you would have no other choice but to go with an acetone-based remover. A non-acetone remover would be too weak to remove it.

    You need to know that strong chemicals are used in both acetone-based as well as non-acetone nail polish removers. If you have health concerns regarding the chemicals used in these types of removers, then you should probably switch over to completely natural nail polish removers which are also biodegradable in nature. These could be a better alternative to removers made from synthetic chemicals.

    Most of non-acetone based remover can be found at CVS, Wallgreen, Walmart and many other stores. On the other hand acetone can only be purchased at nail supply stores and beauty stores. Protecting your nails and cuticles are important daily tasks, know the products and use them in the correct ways can help your nails stay healthy and beautiful.