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    How to Apply Shellac Nail Polish at Home?

    We all love going to nail shops and the indulgence of being served by professional nail technicians. However, sometimes it’s nearly impossible to fit in the limited budget and the tight schedule these days. Rest assured, now you can easily do your own shellac nails at home to save money with professional tips and step by step instructions. Applying Shellac nail polish is not harder than applying regular one, it just requires a LED or UV nail lamp to dry the nails.


    1 UV or LED nail lamp (it helps reduce the waiting time as the nails dry quickly under the lamp)
    1 Shellac Nail Color Polish (you can choose your favorite color)
    1 Base Coat
    1 Top Coat
    Cotton wool
    Alcohol wipes
    Acetone wipes

    1) To start, prepare the nails by trimming each nail into the shape you want. File them to smooth any rough edges then file again to nicely shape the edges. After that, clean well to remove any residual dust.

    Trimming nails for Shellac Polish

    2) Gently push back the cuticle on the nails to expose the nails. Be careful not to push too hard and damage the cuticle. If you want your nails to be cleaner and nicer, use a cuticle nipper to trim or cut back the cuticle of the fingernails. Be cautious of hurting the under skin layer.

    Second step pushing cuticles for Shellac Nail Polish

    3) Carry out the first steps of the Shellac nail polish: Star by applying a thin layer of Base Coat to each nail, starting at the cuticle and painting to the tip in even strokes. Make sure that you coat all the way to the tip of the nail, continue until all the nails have an even base coat. This is important to maintain the Shellac nail polish longer. Try to avoid smudging the base coat.

    Applying first base coat before dry LED Shellac nails

    4) Remember to set up the time of the UV or LED lamp at two minutes. Dry the base coat by putting your hands under the lamps in the two minutes. This step helps the Base coat last longer and dry faster, so that you can apply the next layer.

    Drying LED first base coat in nail shellac

    5) After drying the Base coat using the LED lamp, you can continue with the next layer and freely choose your most favorite color. You have to apply the nail polish from the cuticle end of the nail to the tip of the nail. Make sure not to miss out any edge, so that the polish covers your whole nails. Use even strokes at the tip of the nail, by that your nail color will last longer. After all the nails have been painted, put each hand under the LED light for the allotted time. You’re ready for the next step.

    choosing shellac color after first LED dry

    6) Apply the second layer of shellac nail polish in the same way as the 5th step. When you smudge the polish, by wetting some cotton wool in acetone you can remove it easily. Put the hands under the LED light again to cure the gel polish and carry out the next step.

    wipe clean shellac with acetone

    7) Finally, gently apply the Top Coat over each nail. Make sure your every nail is covered by the Top Coat, to seal the color inside the Base Coat and Top Coat. Then put your hands under the LED light in about 2 minutes. You can apply one more Top Coat layer and put your hands under the LED light one last time if you want the color to last longer. After that, wipe each nail gently with an alcohol wipe to remove any sticky residue that remains on your fingers. Now you have a fantastic Shellac nails polish.

    applying top gel coat for shellac