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Art Of Hire And Keep Employees In Nail Business

In nail business, when owners hire good workers and have their loyal, they win over 60% successful on the business road. So employers should first understand the needs and desires of the workers when they are looking for jobs.

The issue of how workers waged. The wages paid is usually applied in nails business. The wages paid works often are highly skilled, speak American English fluently, especially workers who are good at "build" customer, make appointment quickly due to American English fluently. But according to the assessment, most workers do not prefer cover wages as before. Because the spontaneous can occur (all employers would like their employees to work worthy with money; or the controversy due to the jealousy between workers in the shop). Mrs. Tina K., nails technician in Las Vegas, said: "I worked for a shop with cover wages ... but it complicated ... the shop owner kept giving me order to do others work when shop have no customers ... maybe to worth the cover wages ... including to dispose of garbage, clean facial - waxing room ... very frustrating." 
Give more customers to the skilled workers is general trend, because customers are strongly attracted by skilled workers. This has its advantage and disadvantage, the advantage is good for shop management when it has a lot of customers, the disadvantage is the unfairness in workers relation, or implicit conflict between workers ... because of secretly vying for customers. In particular shop, workers are disclosure dueling with each other to win customers, especially when it is a slump in nail business today.

On the art of hiring nail technician, you need to know the advantages of workers: Nail owners are always skilled and experienced, after some exchange owner can realize that worker is suit with his shop or not. Engagement should be based on reality condition of salon, the way salon work (based on the tastes and needs of the market where the salon is located). Ms. Thao T. T., Alabama, has experiences about this, said: "Our customers are white American, with slim nail powder style, elegant and fast ... if selected worked who used to work in the Mexican , black Americans ... they often have the thick nail style ... usually not suit with the style of the shop ". These days, customers often require the hand painted nail designs services (painted by hand, not by airbrush spray), so when recruiting workers, give attention on the nail painting ability is also a noticeable tendency of nail market, especially in the summer when nail design becomes necessary. Otherwise, concerned about the labor laws in hiring workers is also an important issue to avoid unexpected penalties.

12 Things you need to know when negotiate for hiring nail technician
1. Priority selected skilled workers with years of experience, exhaustive understanding on nail technique. This helps you improve quality and diversify business to attract more customers.

2. Owners need to understand what they want from workers.

3. Everything that has its cause, what must be must be. If you choose workers indiscriminately, you will bear the frustrating consequence later.

4. Taking advantage of the shop as a basis to negotiate, such as high income, fascinating tips … to attract workers to store,

5. Knowing the situation "losing job and salary cut off" to be able to find skilled workers from the shop is no longer in business due to incur loss.

6. Have a clear agreement of paying form for workers, contractual agreement clearly according to legal regulations and labor laws.

7. If you want to hire workers who doubles as a manager when you go out, pay attention to experience, America English skill and nimble, skillfuland honest.

8. Stating the rule of the shop in "sharing", customer distribution and the use of shop supplies for workers to follow.

9. Clearly the way of paying and dock wages when workers absent (clearly define the case of reason or no reason), to avoid conflicts later.

10. Clearly announce the rules of salon to avoid customer complaints (Should have the training or share experiences to workers to help them avoid complaint).

11. Stating the advantages of salon to the worker such as: friendly work atmosphere, ventilated work environment, sanitation, safe, guaranteed income, salon bus, fairness in stores, etc ...

12. Clearly agreed on work hours, dividing the work shift, the training program in specialized training areas or professional aesthetic training center that salon can provide workers.
In the nail business - as well as other profession - the human is always very important factor. So the "art of hire and keep workers in nail business" is really one of the important keys to success in the nail business today!

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