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Beauty Salon Marketing For The 21st Century

Marketing strategies that worked wonderfully for businesses a decade ago are no longer as effective today. The web has completely changed the nature of marketing in the 21st century. In the Internet Age, a web presence is vital for every business. This is more true for beauty salons, as most customers visiting salons are tech-savvy and use the web to locate salons in the neighborhood. People who are new to a locality also spot salons using their smart phones. Therefore, being listed on the web is crucial to making your beauty salon visible to today’s hi-tech customers. Here is a list of things you need to do to achieve that goal.

Get Listed on Local Directories: Get your salon listed on Google Places and other web resources. Even if you do not have a web site, you should immediately list your mailing address and contact numbers on these online directories so that people can locate you easily using the web. These listings also appear on smart phones, which is another important reason you should list your salon on these web resources.

Create a Webpage or Website: Having your own webpage or website is extremely important. Although having your own website with a unique domain name is ideal for any business, you can get started by creating a single web page on any of the free resources online. You can use Squidoo, Blogger, Tumblr, HubPages and a variety of other online resources to create your one page site. All these resources are free, and therefore you do not have to spend any money to create your page. These sites will also offer you a unique web URL which you can share with prospective clients to help them view your web page.

Eventually, you should create your own website with your own unique web address or domain name. The name should closely match the name of your business, if your salon is well known. Or else, you can also create domain names on highly searched terms on Google. This will allow you to attract a lot of visitors to your site directly from search engines.

Use Article Marketing: Thousands of readers browse through article directories to find information on topics that they are interested in. You can write a series of articles on Beauty and Grooming, and post them on several article directories. Every article directory allows you to add a link back to your webpage or website. You can therefore add a link back to your site and draw readers to visit your site.

Use Social Media: Social media has taken the Internet world by storm. The viral nature of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Flickr make them ideally suited for marketing your business. Once you gather a local following on these sites, you can convert them into loyal customers by offering discounts and benefits online.

The web has made marketing extremely easy, inexpensive and quick these days. You can take advantage of today’s technology to grow your business and also to offer better services to your clients.

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