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Best Pedicure Chairs 2019

A pedicure is an integral part of the beautification services. Especially for the ladies, their salon session remains as incomplete until the time they get an adequate pedicure treatment. With the advancement and revolutions in the beautification industry, clients nowadays just not except the basic services, they always seek for something that can provide them a feeling of peace and relaxation. Considerably, most of the ladies opt for the pedicure service at the time of special occasions or the grand functions like marriage, etc. and for them getting the pedicure is not just about the service, but a moment to relax and pause.

Prominently, most of the salons provide the pedicure service, and in all of them the procedures are near about the same, then what makes some of them stand out the crowd! Well, the answer is quite simple - The Pedicure Chairs. Modern pedicure chairs come up with the much-advanced features that the predecessors customarily lagged. In other to keep the comfort and convenience of the clients, salon furniture manufacturers have renovated these chairs with the peculiarities that can make any service provider move out of the crowd. If you are one of the salon owners who want to establish a class one repo in the market and want to maintain long-term relationships with the clients, undoubtedly, go for the modern pedicure chairs.


pedicure and pedicure spa are typically the same things, but the main difference lies in the level of comfort. When the client demands a pedicure spa, as a salon owner it solely implies you have to provide her the ultra-comfort and the extra conveniences. The most upright option to boost comfort and ease to any pedicure ritual is by including a high-quality modern pedicure chair that serves well for all the essential purposes. While there are multiple brands and chairs available in the market, as a wise buyer you should know the basic functionalities that you have to look while purchasing the one for your salon.

The two basic terms:

Available Features and Options

  1.      Built-in Massage Options

If you ask your clients what they like the most in the pedicure session, most of them assuredly will mention 'massage' in their answer. A good massage not only relaxes the mind but also gives a healthy and new feeling to the client. Pedicure chair with great massage options attract the clients on a regular basis and from the salon owner's perspective, help to boost the revenue. Most of the modern chairs nowadays come available with heat, vibration and shiatsu massage features that enhance the overall session as a wish of never-ending experience. Technology has given us so many things and hence for the smooth functioning and the flawless operation, the adjustment setting of the modern chairs can be controlled with remote or in-built sensors. Means, just in a click the settings and inclination can be made perfect for any client and or posture.

  1.      Heat Capabilities (with or without remote control)

Advanced chairs give the user an ability to set the heat levels easily. As per the requirement and the budget, the remote functionality can also be availed to establish the connection from a specific range.

  1.      Reclining/Seat Adjustment Options

Not everyone wants to sit during the entire pedicure session. Some of the clients wish to lay down their back freely to enjoy the massage and heat levels. Reclining options provides the ease of adjustment for the chair and make it possible to control different angles with different postures.

  1.      Head, Footrest Adjustment Options

Head and footrest adjustment adds a star benefit to the overall comfort. For the more extended sessions, often it becomes uneasy to hold the neck just on the flat surface of the chair. Modern chairs come up with extra padding at the top or the separate headrest section to raise out the satisfaction levels.

The footrest helps the client to place the foot to the level of a perfect body posture. It further makes the nail job easier by providing a stable base.

  1.      Padded, Leather or Cloth Seat Cushions

Probably no one would admire to sit in the hard chair while enjoying the fabulous massage and the foot soaking in the tub. For a reason, the seat design and stuffing of the advanced chairs emphasize on providing the ultimate comfort to the client to make the sittings enjoyable and pain-free. Most of the chairs now come available with the memory foam pads that change their shape as per the body weight. For the seat cover, some brands give the flexibility to customize for the material and the color at the time of purchase.

  1.      Shiatsulogic Technology

Salon owners just love this technology and search for it in every chair they include. Clients admire the vibrated and heated massage experience with tapping, kneading and rolling sensations. Shiatsu logic technology not only gives the long-lasting relief but also lifts the pedicure ritual of any salon to the remarkable mark.

  1.      Soaking Tubs

When it's about the cleanliness, clients look doubtfully towards the soaking tub and its logs. To avoid the situation, modern chairs come up with the glass/fiber tubs that can be sanitized quickly between the sessions. Some of the tubs also allow the use of disposable liners to protect the spread of fungus and bacteria.

  1.      Pipe less Technology

Time is money and the advanced chairs fully justify this phrase. Latest pedicure chairs now come available with the pipe less technology to save the time of installation and plumbing procedures. The pipe less pedicure chairs are generally equip with a conglomerate jet device that clear the chances of the clog with dirt and body hairs. As clients and agencies nowadays focus on sanitization and cleanliness, which is equally essential, pipe less technology supports the minimum spread of bacteria and fungus.

  1.      Video/Audio Entertainment and Controls

While the nail techie performs her job, the client has nothing serious to perform other than enjoying the comfort and relaxing on the chair. Therefore, for the super active clients, those who want to feel the heated massage levels with their favorite track just in behind, video and audio controls fulfill the need. Markedly, not every modern pedicure chair comes with this functionality; however, the entertainment features can be chosen as per the budget and need for the service.

        10.           Auto fill

In 2008, Lexor’s engineer invented the feature of auto-fill that has proven really helpful for salons. The auto fill system fills down the water to the appropriate level in the basin and starts the whirlpool automatically. It gives an advantage by saving the salon staff time that she can further utilize in other activities like -understanding the requirements of the client.

        11.            Discharge Pump

Also known as the drain pump, this is widely used for the pedicure chairs which don’t have accessible plumbing. The pump flushes the water out of the basin into the remote drain and not the traditional drain.


Before you decide on the particular pedicure chair, it's always a wise decision to experience them yourself. Take time to discuss the details with the sales representatives and look precisely for the features. You can also try attending tradeshow or convention to grab an opportunity of checking the various chairs and their functions by yourself. Ultimately, it will provide you a fair chance to put yourself in the customer's shoes.

Often the salon owners get amazed at only by the looks and ignore the details of the functionalities which is a wrong instinct. Good quality chairs impersonate a helpful role in building the salon's reliability and client base; therefore we recommend you to be a little choosy and content while deciding on the final product.

To cut out the hard work for you, here we have reviewed the top 10 pedicure chairs that you can pick up with your eyes as blindfolded. So let's be straightforward and spread the light further:

 Katai-Gi Pedicure Spa Chair with footsie, by ANS

Designed and made in America, this leather pedicure chair offers the ultimate vibration massage system with six functions. It carries a portable footbath segment that meets the style and the practical needs perfectly. If you are looking for the final comfort and elegance in a single product, this modern chair can unquestionably be your first choice.

Katai-Gi with Footsie provides the user an additional feature that you will love for sure. It needs no added installments or the plumbing systems for its full functioning, and therefore save a lot of productive hours from the fitting complications. Further, enhanced with ultra-hygienic and disposable liners, this chair perfectly offers dual heating enabled footbath. The extra-soft wide seat ensures a high level of comfort in every posture and treats the clients gently with its smooth edges. 

  •         Salient Features
  1.      Gets assembled quickly. You just need to put different parts together to get the chair done.
  2.      Also reclines to a higher angle. Efficient in providing the relaxation positions to the clients while they enjoy the feet massage and the excellent heat system of this modern chair.
  3.       Easy to clean sink that supports the use of disposable liners for the footbath between the clients.
  4.      Comes with a retractable base. Footbath can be concealed when not in use.
  5.      Has an adjustable footrest for better posture and support.
  •         Dimensions

Width -19.5 inches

Floor to seat height-16 inches

Full height-57 inches

Height when closed -35 inches

PSD-400 Pedicure Chair, by Pro Spa Depot

PSD-400 pedicure chair review

Equipped with a gel bowl that keeps water warm for a long period of time, this modern product is another wonderful option to purchase. PSD-400 comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty to make set its owner stress free and secure of the robust usage.

Picking this chair will allow you to grab a matching stool that goes entirely with the pedicure system. To enhance the experience of the clients, whirlpool system is equipped with Ecojet that is compatible with any liners on the market. Elegant crosshatch-stitched design seat supports the posture and makes every sitting as the most comfortable one. It works well for the salons with busiest schedules and performs perfectly for quick adjustments.

  •         Salient Features
  1.      Sturdy and comfortable frame that can be used for all day long busy schedules.
  2.      Designed to hold any weight efficiently.
  3.      Free matching stool to ease the tasks of the nail techie and to enhance the salon décor.
  4.      Footbath with multiple modes of operation which can be used for massaging, heating, personal soothing and relaxation purposes
  5.      Footrest is designed for height adjustment that easily gets set as per the need.
  •         Dimensions

Width -22 1/2 inches

Seat -21*21 inches

Full height-38 inches

Footrest height - 21 inches +10 inches adjustment

Leg rest- 10*9 inches

Florence EX Pedicure Chair, by AYC

Florence EX pedicure chair review

Florence EX is another classy chair from the house of AYC that enhances the client's experience with its six function vibration massage system operated with a remote control. Assembled 100 % in the U.S.A. This unique pedicure spa visually packs a punch with its beautiful fiberglass finish and oil slick glass bowlTo enhance the overall experience, the cushion is designed with diamond pockets for comfort as well as an LED light show and powerful jet for a comfortable yet stunning and soothing massage. This chair can be adjusted as per the need and requires no special installation techniques. 

  •         Salient Features
  1.      Easy to assemble with just in a few steps.
  2.      Greater angle reclining to enhance the ease and comfort of the clients.
  3.      Easy to clean footbath that can be taken off to fill and dispose of water.
  4.      Adjustable footrest to improve the posture of the client while soaking and nail job.
  5.      Comfortable pillowy seats.
  6.      Made with superfine acetone proof fiberglass base.
  7.      Overall stable hold on the ground with the full operation.
  8.      This chair has quiet vibrations for a royal feeling.
  •         Dimensions

Width -28 inches

Floor to seat height-38 inches

Full height-58 inches

Height when closed -35 inches

Gspa W Pedicure Chair, by ANS

Gspa W pedicure chair review

This pedicure chair with wood base has all the features that are required to produce a fantastic pedicure experience. It comes with the high-quality PU material seat with lots of cushioning that help the client attain a perfect posture. The charming wooden tray at the side ensures the ease of putting pedicure and manicure essentials needed by the nail techie. To lift the comfort level to the heights, its footrest comes in wide and perfect shape to avoid the slipperiness. Further, as most of the clients nowadays are aware of the importance of correct sanitization and cleanliness, this chair comes with a smooth tub that can be washed and sanitized to the best level. The overall edges come to be smooth and hold no dust or remain even on the busiest days.

For the client to enjoy her favorite drink, it has a separate cup holder that has been specifically designed to resist any shock or vibes. Further, to make the overall pedicure session for the client as exceptional, this luxurious chair comes with the inbuilt feature of MP3 player.

  •         Salient Features
  1.      Human touch massager provided with remote-controlled function to ease out the process.
  2.      Pipeless drain pump included for the effortless operation.
  3.      Extra soft and high-quality PU stuffed seats with lot of cushioning.
  4.      High-quality wood tray on the side to handle the essentials related to manicure, pedicure.
  5.      MP3 player for the client to enjoy the session with music.
  6.      Cup holder to enhance the feature of hospitality in salon.
  7.      Adjustable seat to fit out the best-relaxed angles as per the need.
  8.      Sturdy non-slippery base for the stable session and comfortable postures.
  •         Dimensions

Chair Top
Length- 40 inches

Width- 30 inches

Height- 20.5 inches

Length- 55 inches

Width- 28.7 inches

Height- 22.4 inches

Echo Se Pedicure Spa Chair, by Continuum

Echo SE pedicure chair review

Made in U.S.A., Continuum Echo is the perfect combination of luxury, dependability and handcrafted style at an easy price. This luxurious chair features heating chair top and vibra-massage for great client comfort and relaxation. The unique pearlescent basin comes with no-pipe technology and uses a powerful jet fan to form a strong whirlpool for the foot massage. Having the super quite magnetic jet and auto-fill functionality, this pedicure chair can add a distinct elegance to any of the salons.

The solid steel frame of this amazing chair can be finished with laminate options or 5 wood veneer protected with the chemical-resistant finish. Additionally, 1-year warranty comes to secure the trust of the brand.

  •         Salient Features
  1.      Handcrafter quality and style. 100% U.S.A. made.
  2.      Pipeless whirlpool system with super quiet and easy to clean magnetic jet.
  3.       Steel frame support for the chair and basin.
  4.      Autofill functionality.
  5.      Electronically operated 4-way seat with heat and vibra-massage.
  6.        Available in laminate finishes or 5 wood veneer and 7 vinyl colors
  •         Dimensions

Length- 61.71 inches

Width- 29.5 inches

Height- 52.5 inches

Gulfstream Venice Pedicure Chair

Venice pedicure chair review

Made in Canada, the Gulfstream Venice pedicure chair is the perfect combination of luxury, dependability and handcrafted style at a manageable price. This luxurious chair features new Gulfstreaw whirlpool system "waterdance" and vibra-massage for excellent client comfort and recreation. The unique basin comes with no-pipe technology and uses a powerful AirPad to form a strong whirlpool bubbles for the foot massage. Having the super quiet and 100% sanitized airpad waterdance and auto-fill functionality, this pedicure chair can add a distinct elegance to any of the salons.

The solid wood frame of this amazing chair can be finished with laminate options or 5 wood veneer protected with the chemical-resistant finish. Additionally, 1-year warranty comes to secure the trust of the brand.

  •         Salient Features
  1.      AirPad Waterdance pipe free system to ensure the ease of operation with 100% sanitized.
  2.      Color therapy lights to produce the soothing effect and a relaxation feeling.
  3.       Full function, electronic shiatsu massage assembly with kneading, tapping, punching and rolling features.
  4.      4.5 US Gallon tub for enough soaking and mixture preparation.
  5.      On/Off switch- air activated.
  6.        120 V pipeless whirlpool motor with nearly no sound at all.
  7.      Works excellently with 15 Amp supported by a dedicated wall outlet.
  8.      Adjustable heat options to soothe the mind and soul for proper relax sessions.
  9.         Adjustable and wide footrest to hold the foot at the time of practice.
  10.        Dual function shower spray to enhance the pressure- magic of water.
  11.      Modern stationary faucet to support the pedicure ritual with elegance.
  12.         Free matching stool for the nail techie to focus on the nail job perfectly.
  13.   Wide and stable base to avoid the movement-shakes.
  •         Dimensions

Width- 27.5 inches

Length- 54 inches

Height - 58 inches 


  1.      Always consider the chairs those who have enough space between the saddle and the footbath section. It would be much better if the assembly comes with a portable footbath.
  1.      For saving the time and efforts, look for the chairs with least requirements of plumbing and installation.
  1.      Chairs with vibration and massage features can quickly get defected. Always look for the reputed brands and extended warranty at the time of purchase.
  1.      Clients love the level the comfort you provide to them during the session; reclining chairs are most loved and are good client-pullers.
  1.      Almost all the salons use a lot of moisturizers and water supply; therefore look for the material that can come out with the anti-rust or anti-water damage coating.
  1.      Cleanliness is next to godliness; hence consider the chairs with smooth edges and not with easy-to-store-remains sharp corners.

Prestige Pedicure Chair, Manufactured by Lexor Inc

Prestige pedicure chair review

Last year I was looking for a pedicure chair for my saloon as my previous one was not of good quality and it broke within six months.

Then a friend suggested me to buy lexor’s Prestige pedicure chair. I was not interested in wasting my money again but after asking a number of people, I concluded that it might prove to be a good one.

Therefore, I bought one piece as a trial and I was surprised to notice that it is the best products I have found in market so far.

One of the best features of the chair was its comfort level. The structure of the chair was so well define that it relaxed the body perfectly; no cramps or any type of complaints came to me about the comfort level of the chair. The cushions were also of good quality that they are still as new, not even a single scratch.

It is so well assemble that there was no need to send it for repair even once and it is as good as new.

The drain pump set is also marvelous, it is so well manage that it is easy to clean and all the water drains out perfectly that I have no fear of foul smell due to poorly drained water or the worry of bacterial growth that might lead to infection.

I love the assemblage of the chair, as it is easy to open. I can easily get it cleaned without the worry of losing any parts and then get it fixed back in a matter of time. Its design and style is quiet handy and easy to operate.

Its design is unique and shouts modernism. It easily adjusts with the interior of your saloon. I also loved the fact that it is available in a wide range of colors and thus I did not had to change the interior or any setup of my saloon to make it adjustable. I just choose the color that went with my interior and it did not even looked a bit out of place.

I have change my whole pedicure setup from the previous on to the Prestige pedicure chair and it has brought me a large sum of customers. We know that customer want comfort when it comes to pedicure and this what this product completely provides.

Therefore, to all my compeers out there who are looking for a pedicure chair for business or personal use I will suggest you to buy lexor’s luminous pedicure chair as it is the best I have found yet. It will fulfill your purpose and by buying this, you will invest your money in the right place, as it is durable and stylish. And I am speaking from my personal experience which is amazing.

Elite Pedicure Chair, by Lexor inc.

Elite pedicure chair reivew

I was new in the spa business and built my own spa. I wanted the best equipment for it as I wanted to give my customers the best service in town. I got all the equipments but got stuck on the pedicure chair because they are the lime light of the spa. If you provide the best pedicure services then you have the best spa in town.

I was confused who to trust and then collogues of mine suggested me to buy the lexor’s Elite pedicure chair. I searched it online and ordered 10 elite pedicure chairs as a beginning. The first thing I loved was their fast service; my order was at my doorstep on the 10th day as they promised so I was quite impressed.

I am proud to choose the lexor elite pedicure chair for my spa because they have been the best. It is not only love by my costumer but also by me.

First, its’ amazing quality left me surprised. It been 2 years and the chairs are as good as new. Not once, I had to send them for repair or any kind of damage repair.

The cushions used are remarkably comfortable and I got the best reviews from the customers about the comfort level of the chairs.

Now about the cleanliness, the chairs are so well prepared that there is no fear of water stoppage or any blockage. It is so easy to clean and the water comes out easily. Some people told me that pedicure chairs are a home of infection because water stay in them and become a source of bacterial growth, which leads to infections, and I was quiet worried. Now I am not worried at all because of their perfect assemblage they are very easy to clean and get rid of all the water whenever required.

Its chique design and sophisticated style went perfectly with my interior. It made my spa look even more classy and matured. As a beginner, I feared that people might not love my services but due to these elite chair my business flourished within months and people came especially to me for their pedicures.

The wide and clique verity of colors they have is awesome. I easily get to choose the colors that went with the interior of my spa and got exactly the same colors I ordered.

The rates were also manageable and in my range. Therefore, the conclusion is that it has been a win- win situation for me all around.

So to all the people who are new in the spa business or those who are looking for pedicure chairs. I would suggest you to buys lexor’s elite pedicure chair.

T-815 Pedicure Chair, by Tspa LLC

T-815 pedicure chair reivew

I have job that has no specified hours and due to which it is hard for me to get out of house for a spa treatment. I was looking for a personal pedicure chair that can be used in homer and thus help me get the relaxation I want at home.

It was hard for me to look for a pedicure chair on my home because of the hectic job so I asked for advice from different people and most of them advised me to buy the T-815 Pedicure Chair, by Tspa LLC. They told me to trust this chair because it would be the handiest for me.

Therefore, last month I bought the La Fleur Pedicure Chair and want to thank from the core of my heart all those people who forced me to buy this because it is the best thing got.

It has all those features I love in a pedicure chair. The best thing is that it is beyond comfortable. It is so comfortable that after the whole day of hectic job whenever I sit on it, it make me feel like I am sitting on a cloud.

I love the design and the chique look it has. I love the soft colors it has. I am just completely in love with this chair.

The most awesome feature of this chair is its detachable tub; I can easily take it anywhere to remove the water in it. Thus, I do not have to worry about cleaning it especially because that would have been very time consuming. I love the fact that I use it and clean it easily. The drain system is also very handy. All the water comes out of it without any effort. I do not have to remove water from it the hard way, because if water stays in it, it might give my home unhealthy look due to foul smell or bacterial growth in it, which no women can tolerate.

As I am a busy woman, this T-815 pedicure spa has proved very handy for my personal use. Because of its manageable structure and easily cleanable parts I do not have to worry that it might take lots od time to clear the stuff. I just use it and easily clean it.

All the woman out there who do not have time to go to a spa or a saloon to get their pedicure done because of their hectic routines, I would advice to just buy this T-815 Pedicure Chair because it will give you the relaxation you want at home without any special effort of cleaning it. I am proud to tell you that I bought this pedicure chair because it has fulfilled my dream of have the best and relaxing pedicure.

  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • iRest Massage Chair - Model: SC 135
  • Electro-mechanically operated reclining, massaging, and sliding seat with hand held control
  • Acetone resistant premium leather
  • Seat designed with lumbar and neck support
  • Construction: Marble composite, high gloss, acetone-proof gel coat.
  • Magnetic Jet and Liner System
  • Foldable Manicure Trays with cup holders
  • Purse/Handbag Hook
  • Acetone resistant spa base and bowl
  • Lift-up armrest for easy access
  • Include Pedicure Stool (matching cushion color and adjustable height)

Cloud 9 Pedicure Chair, by Pedispa Of America

Cloud 9 pedicure chair reivew

I am a spa owner and I wanted the best spa chairs for to give my customers the best experience. I wanted to fulfill the desire of my customer when they came to spa for a pedicure, to give them the utter feeling of relaxation. Thus, I was looking for the most comfortable pedicure chair that also had the facility of massage.

One day I came across Cloud 9 Pedicure Chair, by Pedi spa of America on its online store. Its awesome qualities and the massage system impressed me the most. I bought five chairs as a trail and I would love to share my experience with you people about this pedicure chair.

First, I loved the way it is manufacture, the chique design and the easy to handle style was amazingly easy to handle and take care of. Its leather seat is the second feature I loved about this pedicure chair. They were remarkably comforting to the whole body and customers loved its style and the comfort it gave to them. 

I have no words to explain the happiness I got when I figured that it also has a massage system. The massage system with the pedicure chair was very well equipped that I had no worry about any miss-management. The massage it gave was so relaxing and the customers loved it.

The pedicure system was also excellent. The drain system was build so perfectly that there was no spare water left in the tubes. I had no worry about any foul smell or infection due to any bacterial growth, which leads to unhygienic conditions. I know that the pedicure chair is hard to clean but these Cloud 9 Pedicure Chairs are technically prepared that it is easy to open and clean properly.

In spa like place if you do not care about the cleanliness and hygiene, it leads to the decline of your business and destroy the repute of your spa in market.

I also liked its features and unique design and the fact that it is available in a different range if colors to choose from. It gives you a chance to choose the color you want for your spa, according to the interior of your spa.

All the recliners and the machinery used it the pedicure chair are of the best quality and durable. I had no worry that they might damage or are stained because of the quality assurance I got from the company and they proved themselves right.

I would like to suggest all my fellow business to trust Cloud 9 Pedicure Chair, buy it for your spa and saloons, as they are the best in the market yet, and contain all the features a pedicure chair must have.

Fiori 9000 Pedicure Chair, by Fiori

Fiori 9000 pedicure chair reivew

As a saloon, I know what a woman wants when she comes for a pedicure after a hectic job. All she desires from a pedicure is relaxation and thus I dreamt to give that relaxation to all the women who came on my saloon. However, unfortunately I could not find the perfect pedicure chair for that purpose and thus I was quiet worried.

Then one day a customer was talking about the Fiori 9000, by Fiori and I searched it online and noticed that it has all the qualities I want for my pedicure chair. Therefore, I ordered it and got six pedicure chairs for my saloon on the promised day.

I was completely shocked to know that it fulfilled all my demands and I cannot explain the pleasure I got by finding these chairs.

The most pleasurable feature was its full body support seat. It supported the body so well and the softness of the seats provided the body with full support and comfort a tired body required. Lying on it takes to you a different world of pleasure.

Its quality is amazing and stylish design just went remarkably with the interior of the saloon.

The pedicure and manicure accessories are also one of a kind. They are easy to cope with and easy to clean. The water drain system is amazing; it leaves no water behind, which may cause any unhygienic conditions. It is very easy to clean and the stainless quality of its material leaves it new and shiny just like a bought it recently.

It has been one year since I have been using these chairs and I do not have even a single complain about Fiori 9000.

Its massager is also amazing; the relaxation it provides to the body is simply amazing. All my customers love it and since I have Fiori 9000 my customer count has increased by a large sum because of the high quality massage it provides and the comforting features it has.

I also love the other accessories it provides as if the gorgeous glass bowl, manicure tray and the adjustable footrest were simply amazing.

It is a complete package and I am glad that I found these amazing pedicure chairs and decided to buy them, because I used my money for the right thing. It has increased the repute of my saloon as well as completed my dream of providing a full relaxing pedicure.

To all my fellows I would suggest that you buy Fiori 9000 pedicure chair, as it is perfect and is available for salon, office or even for your personal use at home. I loved the experience I had. 

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