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Running a Nail Salon? Make Sure You Install Proper Ventilation Systems!

nail salon ventilation system diagram

Besides the plumbing and furniture, ventilation is a key part of your infrastructure.

It’s not just something you install for comfort. Ventilation in a nail salon is a “safety requirement” for your health, and that of your clients’.


In a nail salon, you’re exposed to cosmetic chemicals aro...

Pipeless vs. Piped Pedicure Chairs – What’s the Difference?

Piped vs pipeless pedicure chair diagram

Buying a pedicure chair? Confused on the type to get?

If so, then no worries.

Because today, we’ll discuss the “inner workings” of a pedicure unit – specifically the plumbing.


Pedicure units come with a bowl. This is where a client’s foot goes.

Water id delivered to the bowl for the t...

Best Ideas for Choosing Luxury Nail Salon Furniture

Your nail salon’s furniture sets the overall tone and atmosphere of your salon and today, we’re going to discuss the best ideas for choosing this furniture.

Think about a restaurant for a moment: you walk in and the first things you notice are the smell of fresh food, the thriving atmosphere of cus...

Best Pedicure Chairs 2019

A pedicure is an integral part of the beautification services. Especially for the ladies, their salon session remains as incomplete until the time they get an adequate pedicure treatment. With the advancement and revolutions in the beautification industry, clients nowadays just not except the basic ...

The 2019 Guide to Buying Pedicure Chairs

pedicure chair buying guide

One of the most expensive pieces on equipment in a spa is a pedicure spa chair. This is the single most important furniture that you need to invest on, to provide good service to your clients. Apart from the fact that pedicure is one of the most sought after treatments in a spa, a spa chair is a v...

New Spa Chairs And Their Luxury Designs

You can get all kinds of new designs these days when it comes to pedicure chairs. In this modern day and age, there is no scarcity for innovative and trendy concepts in spa chairs. You can find designs that range from the classic to the ultra-modern with a wide variety of optional features. Almost e...

Spa Chairs Help Salon Customers Feel Lavish

The popularity of foot spas and pedicure salons is increasing tremendously. If you wish to provide a relaxing massage and truly pamper your clients’ feet, you need to have the best spa equipment. Most of the reputed foot spas and salons are fitted with extremely modern and comfortable spa chairs to ...

How To Choose A Nail Dryer

One of the most frustrating aspects of applying nail polish is waiting for it to dry. Especially when you wish to apply two or more coats with an additional topcoat, the wait can seem endless. Although today’s nail polishes dry much faster than those that were used decades earlier, people still fi...

How To Choose A Manicure Table

A good manicure table is essential for providing good service to your clients. It would not only help your clients have a pleasant experience at your spa, but would also provide your manicurist with all the implements needed to do the job perfectly.

Here are three criterions you could use to choose a...

How to Clean a Pedicure Chair

Got a salon?

If so, understand that cleaning is part of the job. In fact – it’s part of how you “brand yourself”!

Why? Well, think of what a salon is. It’s a place women go to for a “beauty treatment”…

And this means that the place has to be beautiful.

You see, a salon isn’t like a gym or a ...