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    How To Choose Nail Polish Color For Your Skin

    Nail polish would really look great on you if it perfectly complimented your skin color. On the other hand, nail polish that doesn’t suit you could look less appealing. Here are a few tips on choosing the right nail polish for your looks.

    how to choose nail polish color for your skin1. For fair skin, dark colors look the best. Especially ones with a blue base look really pretty for people with a fair skin. Dark red looks good on people with a medium skin tone. And if you are dark skinned, consider yourself lucky because almost any shade of nail polish would look good on you.

    2. Should you or should you not match the color of your nail polish to your apparel? That is an ongoing debate, but you can always follow your instincts or preferences and choose what looks best on you. In some cases, a matching color would look nice. At other times, a contrasting shade might look better. Ultimately, you need to choose what works best for you.

    3. When it comes to matching your nail polish with your makeup, you can follow the same rule. You can either match it or wear a contrasting color. However, you can choose to use the same shade for your lipstick and nail polish for a dramatic effect.

    4. Stay in touch with the current trends in fashion. For each skin tone, you can find popular shades that are in vogue every season. Choose from among those myriads of shades to match your skin tone.

    5. The occasion plays a huge role in determining the shade of your nail polish. If it is an informal gathering, you can choose a fun design for a snazzy effect. But if it is a more formal occasion like a business meeting or conference, you can choose a more neutral shade. If you are heading out to town just to hang around, you can be more daring with your choice. Use dark shades of red or go with metallic shades of gold, bronze or silver.

    6. The time of the year would also dictate your choice of colors for your nail polish. Dark colors are mostly reserved for winter. Spring is the time to bring out pastel shades along the current trends. Summer calls for hot and bright colors and hues. And fall is the time for neutral shades like gold or bronze.

    However, these are just guidelines and not hard and fast rules. You need to experiment what looks good on you. Finally, you should feel comfortable with the kind of nail polish you choose to wear. That is the ultimate determining factor in your choice of colors.