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Do Anti-Ageing Spa Treatments Work?

Are you considering anti-ageing spa treatments and you’re curious about how effective they are? We are going to be discussing the different treatments and their effectiveness.

It can be discouraging when you start noticing the first symptoms of ageing skin. Not only can it be a sign that you’re getting older but if you take pride in your beauty efforts, it can lower your self-esteem. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a rise in anti-ageing spa treatments and their level of efficiency is constantly in question.

We’re going to discuss these treatments, how you can prevent your skin from ageing early, the treatments that are available, and how they can help.

How to Delay Ageing Skin

Before we jump ahead, it’s worth noting that anti-ageing spa treatments aren’t the only option that you have. If you’re lucky and you notice signs of ageing skin early on, you can do a few things to delay the impact that it will have.

Avoid Smoking.
Do you frequently find yourself picking up a cigarette to ease your stress or simply out of habit? It’s time to start quitting.

It’s no secret that smoking is very unhealthy and can do some serious damage to your body – health conditions including lung cancer, increased cholesterol, obstructive pulmonary disease – and recently, research has shown that it can also make your skin age at a faster rate.

We can’t deny that it’s going to be difficult for most people to stop smoking, but even cutting down on how many cigarettes you smoke each day will help to delay your ageing skin – hopefully, you’ll be able to quit for good though!

Learn to Relax.
We live in a fast-paced and energetic world where even the happiest and most focused people get stressed out over the little things. Some people can’t help it, while others simply don’t know how to handle it.

Studies have shown that stress can increase the rate at which your body ages. Two prime examples of this would be a change in hair colour and your skin ageing.

Below are a few ways to relax:
- Meditation
- Only work during set hours, no more
- Spend time with your friends and family
- Get a hobby
- Exercise
- Get a massage

These are just a few ideas and if none of them appeals to you, perhaps you should consider a therapist who can help you learn to deal with your stress.

Avoid Long Periods of Time in the Sun.
As tempting as that Summer heat might be, you shouldn’t be spending hours of your day out in it and by doing so, you put your skin at risk.

Not only does the sun dry out your skin but it can cause arthritis, among other health problems. On the other hand, you should also make sure that you get outside for about 30 minutes each day to prevent a Vitamin D deficiency – Vitamin D contributes to your skin’s wellbeing too.

These are just a few of the most effective anti-ageing treatments that you can do if you’re one of the lucky few who has caught onto it early. However, not everyone is this lucky and for the most part, they’ll find themselves looking into the spa treatments instead.

Different Spa Treatments

Following on from above, below we have detailed some of the most popular anti-ageing treatments and how they are used to improve your skin.

Chemical Peels.
Exactly as the name implies, a chemical peel is used to remove/peel away any dead skin cells, encourage collagen production, and promote healthy skin.

There are a few quirks with this treatment as everyone’s skin is different and certain chemicals must be used depending on each person’s skin, but for the most part, this is a fairly straightforward, painless, and quick treatment.

Micro Needling.
This is one of the more recent treatments which has gained a lot of popularity over recent months and which can even be done at home; most people choose to have a spa take care of it for them, as it can be a scary treatment if you’re unfamiliar with it.

The tool that is used looks similar to a small paint roller and has a surface covered with tiny needles. When the roller is used on your skin, tiny holes are created in your skin which promote collagen production. If you haven’t experienced this before then it might be scary, and your skin will become slightly inflamed, but you’ll quickly get used to this and your skin will reap the benefits.

LED Photofacials.
Using LED photofacials can reduce acne and lessen the effects of ageing skin but can be painful for anyone who has sensitive skin or hasn’t experienced it in the past.

During an LED photofacial session, infrared light is used to target skin cells and simulate deep tissue to reduce the number of bacteria which causes acne. Similarly, ageing skin is cleansed by the infrared lights. The entire process takes roughly 30 minutes (although multiple sessions may be required) and you should see results soon after.

At this point in our article you’ll be wondering, “As fascinating as these treatments may be, will they effectively help prevent ageing or are they a waste of my time?” – don’t worry, we’re just about to discuss this.

Will Anti-Ageing Spa Treatments Help?

Now, whether or not anti-ageing spa treatments are going to benefit you isn’t an easy thing to determine and realistically, it depends on a wide range of different health factors.

For example, if you eat unhealthily and aren’t getting the vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs to maintain its healthiness, spa treatments aren’t going to make all of the difference. You have to improve your diet and work alongside any of the treatments that you’re considering.

Next, you should look into moisturizers that don’t contain any toxins. A high price doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe for your skin and you’ll often see that after a few applications. Consider purchasing non-toxic skincare products that don’t contain any harmful chemicals, and which only use natural and organic ingredients.

Following this, keeping your skin clean is important. As you may already know, our skin is made up of “pores” and if you don’t keep your hygiene up to par, dirt can get into these pores and worsen your skin’s condition. Given that ageing skin is mostly visible on our faces, make sure that you wash your face with lukewarm water and some basic bar soap twice a day – once in the morning and once at night.

Lastly, the anti-ageing spa treatment that you choose to use affects whether or not your skin will improve. To answer the original focus of this article: given how fast anti-ageing treatments are progressing, they are very effective nowadays; but they’re not perfect. Although the majority of people will quickly see benefits from an anti-ageing spa treatment, there is still a small percentage of people who won’t.

To Conclude…

All in all, it varies depending on a lot of different factors. Your age, your diet, how you generally take care of your skin, the products that you use, and even how stressed you are – each of these things, and many others, all contribute to your skin and whether or not anti-ageing spa treatments will work for you. Nonetheless, it’s definitely worth checking some of these treatments out.

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