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Quicker Methods To Dry Your Nails

Everyone likes to apply nail polish and sport a trendy look. But the time and effort it takes to get that done is what bothers most people. In this day and age when time is at a premium, no one wants to spend more time than is necessary, especially for things like waiting for nail polish to dry. Fortunately, there are ways to cut short the time that it takes to dry nail polish. Here are a few tips to shorten your waiting periods.

UV and LED LightsUV and LED Lights
These lights have a heating and drying effect that makes it ideal for shortening waiting periods. They are mostly used for Gel Nails that provide a natural and well-manicured look. Gel nails can last for about two weeks, and can be colored with polish to any color or texture you like.

dry nails with icy cold waterIce Cold Water
Take a bowl and fill it with ice-cold water. After you paint your nails, dip them for a couple of minutes into the bowl. You might have to overcome the initial shock of the chill water, but you could get used to it over time. Ice water helps to dry the polish quickly than it takes to dry naturally. Ensure that the polish is completely dry before wiping your hands. If the polish is still wet, it could smudge and you would have to redo the whole procedure again.

dry nails by put them in freezerDeep Freeze
If the idea of sticking your hands into cold water is uneasy, you might want to try the dry approach. Stick your fingers into the freezer instead and let the cold air dry your polish quickly. Hold your fingers inside the freezer for about thirty seconds until the polish dries and hardens.

dry nails by cooking sprayCooking Spray
Though this might sound odd, cooking spray indeed can be used to dry polish too. It moreover helps to lock in the paint and also acts as an effective moisturizer for your hands. Make sure that you hold your hands a little away from your body when you use spray.

dry nails with quick top coatQuick-Drying Top Coat
There are several brands of topcoat available in the market. These work to seal in the polish and give it a shiny look. At the same time, the topcoat can also help dry the polish quicker than it would take to dry naturally.

All of these methods work pretty effectively, but you can choose one that suits your preference and style.

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