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Five Ways To Protect Salon Owners From Getting Citations From State Board

Recording ticket by State Board was still a negative obsession for many people working in nail professions. The degree of influence psychology and business possibilities seems worsened in difficult economic conditions. In the following situations we will help you prevent from State Board’s penalties.

Place clean and dirty clothes at same place

This is a fairly common error, possibly due to lack of awareness, thoughtful, but also due to the busyness at work so workers are neglected to regulations. It should be understood that workers must take clean and dirty clothes in different boxes, and they must specify the "Clean" and “Dirty" on two boxes, doing wrong will cause store owner with a fine from $ 100 or above . This is a usual error as happens quite a lot in the nail salon and it is vulnerable situation.

In fact there are fine just because the nail box (is fairly new and is considered decent) comes with the dust of tiny white acrylic powder ... this error is unfortunate...!

Don’t use the stick with wax more than once

When you make wax for patron, please pay careful attention to avoid the use of the wax stick more than once. Workers must use new stick for each new wax. The reuse waxing stick will cause penalty.

Many workers are so careless at work, the employer does not pay attention when workers reuse the sticks for saving ... Just because the small gain can lead unexpectedly great harm.

Don’t hang nail license at the store

Law is mandated to hang nail license on the wall or at a visible place of the shop. Do not hang for whatever reason will result in penalties.

Many workers brought home the licenses and forgot to bring in the store. They worked with customers and forgot the nail license at home. When state board came in, it is surprise to check the miscarriage of licenses and workers were fully responsible for the blame.

Do replace the disinfectant cleaner regularly

There are workers got himself in trouble because of this error. There is disinfectant cleaner with amount of dust and dirty color on it ... those error will cause high penalties. Please note workers should replace disinfectant cleaner regularly. If there are no clear sign, please not use it anymore and must be replaced immediately.

Forget to close the cream lid and powder after use

This error is quite common, and has been the cause of many salon workers. This is usual due to the carelessness. Remember that the tiny contaminated dust and chemical vapor can condense into the cream and powder so fast. The state board has the right to test the hygiene. If it is not qualified, the workers will be fined certainly.

The summary above needs to be cared and more thoughtful. The workers should avoid fined situations. The store manager should remind workers find errors as the good way to protect themselves in order to improve business stability and safety.


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