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    How To Use Pedicure Chairs Safely
    In the spa market, there are many products such as spa bowl, spa container,… having air – jetted, piped, pipeless, whirlpool, non – whirlpool techniques that use for pedicure service. Each product has its own style with the special function.... next...
    How To Become A Successful Nail Technician
    Summer is the time that nail stores gain high turnover with the highest number of customers during the year. It is the time that nail technicians need to improve their skills more to take advantage of opportunities for increasing their income... next...
    Things You Need To Know When Using Models
    The model is a mandatory condition in nail competition. Initiatively choosing the right standard model will help you complete the exam better. Here are the experiences related to the use of models. • Indiscriminate of gender. Both men and... next...
    10 Things You Need To Know To Have A Perfect Filing Machine Pack
    Nail technician is attached to the filing machine. A perfect filing machine will help nail technician operations quickly and accurately, saving time and serve customers most effectively. Hereafter are experiences to help you choose a suitable... next...
    7 Advices For Nail Technicians
    Question: Customers complain after being designed nails, why are their nails swollen and it seems to be burned? What should we do in this case? Cause: There are many reasons such as maybe for the heat of chemicals used to make nails previously... next...
    Why Nail Salon Workers Have A Higher Incidence Of Cancer
    When it comes to health safety concerns in salons, we most often focus on the safety of clients visiting the salon. We seldom focus on the working conditions and the health safety of salon technicians whose health is of equal importance. While... next...