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History of Massage Therapy

History of Massage Therapy

Massage is the maneuvering of superficial and much deeper layers of muscle tissue and connective cells utilizing numerous procedures, to improve performance, aid in the recovery process, reduce muscle reflex exercise, inhibit motor-neuron excitability, promote leisure and health, as well as leisure exercise.

The background of massage therapy could be traced back over 5000 decades when women and men in several ancient nations applied natural oils and herbs to massage body discomfort away. It is referred to as one of the ancient types of relief from the pain, as well as a method to produce a sense of harmony and health.

Massage is widely considered as the most ancient kind of medical therapy employed on the human body. The various types of massage and the different strategies that comprise of them originate from our most popularly celebrated countries and their traditional faiths ancient India and China, ancient Greek and Rome.

Massage continues to be extremely popular as part of Chinese medicine in the Western medical population in not less than 3000 decades. In its initial days, it was taught and employed mainly by physicians. In some of the most ancient Chinese medical publications, it's among the subjects that are discussed most frequently; Research has discovered that Chinese Amma strategies were employed as far back as 3000 B .C. The Chinese medical local community continuously enhance upon these techniques generally known as "Amma”, and consider the utilization of massage an important part of the Chinese health system.

The modern word for Chinese massage is tui-na, meaning "push-pull”; this word is employed across the world to define Chinese massage. The Japanese started to practice massage around 6 A.D. The parts of the body that are massaged were mainly the same as the Chinese, but they also presumed the parts affected the Qi (life force energy) and stimulation of fluid flow. The stimulation of nerves making use of finger pressure, or shiatsu, also grew to become part of the training and history of massage therapy during this period.

The continuing development of modern massage therapy

In the West, massage as a therapy hit something of an impasse in the Dark Ages, when any scenario is considered pleasant or perhaps involving touch was frowned upon by the repressive and also by traditional religious dogma that dominated that generation.

No matter what the fact may be, the utilization of massage as a therapy was further established during the 19th Century. Following a lull in the usage of massage in the early part of the 20th Millennium, generally because of improvements made from modern medicine, massage therapy experienced another revival in the 1960s and 70s as individuals wanted to come back to aged and much less obtrusive means of treatment.

Different types of Massage

There are more than one hundred varieties of massage, massage modalities, massage therapies and strokes; these are fundamental summary of many of the most popular massage that can help your training be an excellent accomplishment.


Healing touch is tutored to and employed frequently in the nursing sector. This therapy is utilized as an energy strategy to endorse wellbeing and healing. Healing touch was established by Janet Mentgen, RN. , B .S .N, who has performed this therapy since 1980. This therapy makes use of a mixture of energy primarily based modalities to help in treatment of physical, mental, spiritual and psychological health. This therapy employs non-invasive methods by the hands to impact the energy field around the entire body to clear, strengthen and stabilize the human body.


Acupressure procedure uses pressure of the hands, fingers, elbow and some other equipment utilized to apply pressure to particular acupuncture parts in our bodies. The pushing of these key areas on our bodies promotes better circulation of blood and helps to alleviate tension. Advantages from acupressure are numerous and range from relief of headaches to healing constipation. A therapist tends to use various pressure points based on the ailment or pain complaint could be. A lot of therapists may possibly include a form of acupressure in any variety of relaxation or therapeutic massages


Ayurveda is more compared to a massage modality, but needs to be pointed out in this page of info due to the necessity and historical past associated with Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a proper full medical faith and philosophy established in India (5000+ years back) which is used to bring the body and mind to a deep inner peace creating balance and life stability. Ayurvedic massage originated from this exercise and perceives the energies of the five components of ether, air, fire, water and earth. The Ayurvedic physician then ascertains massage type and form of treatment mixed with certain oils and herbs to make the most appealing healing results


Research recommends that Breast Massage can develop the breast shape and size. The breast consists of fatty tissue, glands and lymphatic ducts and nodes. This technique is met with some uncertainty since some see the female breast as a sexual organ. Breast massage includes kneading, rubbing and light pressing of the tissue to help boost circulation and also benefit the breast that has had surgical treatment and contains scar tissue. This exercise can save a life by detecting lumps that might be connected to cancer


Chair massage continues to gain recognition due to the flexibility of where this massage can be done; workplaces, occasions, airports and malls are merely a few areas that you will find a therapist working on a customer on a portable massage chair. This type of a massage permits the client to keep on being fully clothed and rest in a very comfortable sitting posture. When seated the therapist can work the head, neck, arms, hands, back and legs very successfully. A lot of large organizations acknowledge this type of therapy for workers health programs.


This type of massage goes beyond the outside of your skin and underlying soft cells to deep parts of the muscle and straight to the “belly” of the muscle. As the name implies, “deep” is the main word here. This type of massage additionally involves the manipulation of the fascia. Fascia is similar to a web that works throughout the whole body. This connective tissue, when traumatized, inflamed or restricted can cause a lot of pain and limit movement of the body.

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