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Skills You Need to be a Professional Nail Technician

Skills You Need to be a Professional Nail Technician

Are you interested in becoming a professional nail technician? We’re going to be discussing some of the skills that you need to have in order to pursue this career path successfully.

Becoming a professional nail technician isn’t as simple as knowing your way around makeup and beauty therapy – there are a lot of different aspects to this kind of job. While it can take a while to become a fully trained nail technician there are several skills that you can work on alongside your training that will make the journey easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable. Today, we’re going to discuss those skills and their importance – so, let’s get right into it.

#1 – Be Creative

Part of being a nail technician is being able to adjust your work so that every single one of your clients can have their nail treatment exactly as they want it to be; it’s not uncommon for nail technicians to do custom nail patterns and such. Thus, you should have a creative mindset and more importantly, you should be able to creatively adjust your nail treatments to suit your customers’ needs.

This will get easier over time as the more clients that you tend to, the more you’ll get used to coming up with new and unique nail designs.

If you know that creativity is one of your weaker skills then it’s a good idea to look at other nail technicians’ work online and expand your knowledge.

#2 – Know How to Talk to People

Most nail technician appointments will take around 30 minutes and during this time, you want to make sure that your customers don’t get bored. Keep in mind that the likelihood of a customer becoming a regular will increase if you add a personal touch to the service that you provide – get to know them, talk to them, and set yourself up for an ongoing relationship.

Aside from knowing how to talk to customers during their nail treatments, you should also be able to confidently talk to them about the different services that your salon offers. If you’re able to confidently explain your services without any hesitation, you’re portrayed as a real professional and again, this helps growth.

#3 – Understand Health and Safety

Understanding the ins and outs of health and safety in a nail salon is a crucial skill that you have to learn before you even begin practising this profession. There is a lot of equipment that you’re going to be using several times a day and knowing how to clean this equipment, how to safely use cleaning chemicals, and how to prevent any contagious infections from spreading between customers, is all very important.

All professional nail technicians are expected to have full knowledge of health and safety in the workplace and above all, they should understand the importance of hygiene too. You’ll be working very closely with each of your customers so this is an incredibly important skill to take onboard!

#4 – Show Attention to Detail

Patience – a key skill for any salon workers, especially nail technicians. Reiterating what we said beforehand, most customers are going to ask for some sort of abnormal nail design which suits them. It’s important that you fully understand what they want before you begin their nail treatments so that you can prepare and do the best job possible.

As well as being prepared and patient, you have to learn to take your time and not rush appointments; even if you’re behind and on a tight schedule, don’t rush! Relax, take your time, and continue having an upbeat conversation with your customer.

#5 – Know About Recent Trends

Just like there are different hairstyles trending every few months, you’ll see different nail and beauty treatment trends arising every so often. There’s a lot more to being a nail technician than knowing how to provide different services. By keeping up to date with the most recent trends, treatments, and nail designs, not only will you have an easier time satisfying your customers but you’ll be able to offer less informed customers of any newer trends to consider.

Some of the best sources online to keep up with recent trends are YouTube beauticians, bloggers, various subreddits, and even by simply following celebrities on Instagram.

#6 – Be Attentive and Patient

Patience and attentiveness are important to ensuring that your customer feels appreciated, understood, and that they are being taken care of by a professional. Of course, it would be unreasonable to ask that you spend several hours on a simple manicure.

That being said, to do your job efficiently and show your customers that you have a true passion for it, you need to patiently assess what they’re looking for and give it your all. This proves that you are willing to go out of your way to be an attentive nail technician, a professional, and that you’re patient enough to tend to each of your customer’s needs without being overwhelmed by the stress.

It might not seem like much but with a patient and willing attitude, you’re able to build up a happy customer base who will speak nothing but the best about your services.

#7 – Have Your Station Organized

If you’re slightly disorganized from time to time as a result of a customer rush, people will understand why. However, if you’ve noticed that you’re constantly disorganized or that you keep running to the stock room in the middle of a treatment because you’ve forgotten something, this is going to give you a bad reputation.

Make sure that before you sit down to begin the treatment that you have everything you’ll need (both products and equipment) set out beside you and ready to be used. It’s a good idea to keep your most used products stocked up at your workstation so that you only have to grab a refill once a day.

#8 – Work Efficiently

Lastly, know how to be an efficient salon worker. Now, you’ve probably been in a store or a salon before and saw an overly needy customer yelling at staff – there’s no shame in admitting this, we’ve all seen this at some point in our lives. As a professional nail technician, expect to have a portfolio of experiences just like this over the years.

The fact is, you’re going to have customers who want more than you’re offering or who are trying to get services that they didn’t pay for – in some cases, if the service they want isn’t expensive, it’s worth getting it over with so that you can move on. Know exactly what your customer is interested in before they sit down so that you can prepare, give them a price, and you can let your next customer know when you’ll be done – the more efficient you work, the more customers you satisfy, the more successful you are.

To Conclude…

Taking the time to equip yourself with some of these skills won’t only make your job easier, but they’ll help you to become the best nail technician that you can be – after all, isn’t it your goal to be the best nail technician that you can be?

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