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How To Become A Successful Nail Technician

How To Become A Successful Nail Technician

Summer is the time that nail stores gain high turnover with the highest number of customers during the year. It is the time that nail technicians need to improve their skills more to take advantage of opportunities for increasing their income and showing quality of Vietnamese Nails. Here are some tips to help you take care of your nails and the customers’ nails more effectively.

 1. TRIMMING NAIL TIP: The novice nail technician often makes mistake of clipper operation that is trimming nails too close; this has easily hurt the customer and take so much time for nail services. You should avoid cutting so close to the nail bed that the flesh is exposed; this accidentally destroys the protective layer of the fingertips and will make the customers be wounded when leaving.

2. FILING NAIL TIP: Filing nails is daily experience of the nail profession, but filing technique in "pro" level is not simple. As a senior nail technician, the most taboo is filing nails when they are still wet and using shoddy equipments to file the nails and filing in the improper direction. Important principle is filing nails carefully by following one direction from outside to inside. As filing to fix the nails’ shape, you should file the nails under angle of 45% according to one direction, do not pull through again. Besides, when using the file to make the nails shorten, you should follow the principle that is to use a crude file firstly, then use the medium file and finally use smooth file.

3. POLISHING FACE NAIL TIP: When polishing nails, please take note that if the nails is too thin you should not polish them too much. If you want to make the nails shinier, you have to use a waterproof layer of nail to keep the nails from dust and to make them become shinier. There are many types of tool for polishing nails that have smooth or roughness surfaces differently therefore you should use the correct type for each customers’ nails.

4. FIXING TIP FOR CRACKING NAILS: An easy way is to use smooth file to grind the nail surface, brush dust powder clearly, paint a glue coat, cut tissue papers under the size is 2/3 of the nails, squeeze the tissue papers onto the nails – please pay attention not to let the air fail into the middle of them, filing until the tissue papers out off the nails, paint a glue coat, filing until the rims are flat, paint more glue coat. When the glue has not dried up, apply specialized powder, adjust it conformably, when it was dry, you should filing until they are flat. Finally, use the tools to make the surface smooth. If you fear of the crack or torn of nail rim can cause infection, before carrying out, you should apply cosmetic anti- infection and bleeding control onto the torn or crack of such nail rim such as Bite No More By Super.

5. TIPS FOR DRAWING NAILS IN THE SUMMER: If you want to create nail designs to attract the customers in the summer, depending on the hobbies & situations, you can choose appropriate tone. If the customers come to the festival in the evening, you should use the warm colors like red, gold, copper, copper-brown, dark red, pure orange; if the customers participate in the outdoor picnic or dress sportswears in the summer, you should use the cool tones like blue, light green , lemon yellow , light green , etc. ... If you want to draw it fast (For serve quickly!), you should choose beautiful simple designs... such as painting small flower or leaf fall, to avoid fussy. If you want to create the effect of drawing nail in order to make the customers have more beautiful hands, please pay attention to the " gold " principle as follows: For the customers with yellow colored skin, you should use orange and brown tones, that will help to show beautiful skin - light up; for the customers with black skin, you should use the yellow iridescent color, antique bronze color that will have the good mutual effect. And for the customers have pink skin, you should use a light pink, peach color or pale coffee colors, for the customers have white skin you can also beautify the nails with any color.

6 . SCLEROTIC SKIN TREATMENT TIP: Film over the softening effect solution before carrying out the service.

7. TIP FOR USING REMOVED WATER: You should choose reputable product, after cleansing the paint, if the nails’ surface are faded, this is evidence that the removed water has too strong corrosion; therefore you should not use it anymore. Or you can try it with a fake nail, if the surface of fake nail becomes sticky, or be corroded, this is evidence that the removed water has too strong corrosion, you should not buy it.

8. TIP FOR ERASING GLITTER NAIL FASTLY: Many nail technicians complain that the nails with glitter polish is very difficult to remove, in fact it is not too difficult, you just put the bleach solution on the nails more longer, waiting for it to melt the paint then wipe it.

9. TIPS FOR DRYING THE NAIL POLISH AND EXTENDING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF FOUNDATION: A common situation in nail salon, nail technicians painted carefully, the customer has just touched the nails inadvertently when they were in the salon or come home, the nails would be peeled off. Here are a few tips to help your customers avoid this:

+ Touching the nails softly for checking they are dry or not; if not sticky, the paint has dried, if the paint is not dry, use a fan to dry it.

+ The peeling paint will be hard to see and makes the customers get upset... remember to be careful in the dry - cleaning stage before polishing the nails, you can keep the nail polish longer not be peeled.

+ After polishing the nails, you should sweep or spray the drying effect solution to form a thin protective layer that helps the nails avoids fading and peeling.

10. TIP FOR VANISHING SCRATCHED NAILS QUICKLY: If due to collision, the customer’s nails are scratched and they require to correct them rapidly because they have to go to work, we can paint all the nail with a synthetic polish such as a specific type is Orly Top 2 Bottom. It helps you to save the time and to paint the coat polish of nail quickly.

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