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How To Choose A Manicure Table

A good manicure table is essential for providing good service to your clients. It would not only help your clients have a pleasant experience at your spa, but would also provide your manicurist with all the implements needed to do the job perfectly.

Here are three criterions you could use to choose a good manicure table

how to choose manicure tablesLooks
As soon as your clients enter your spa, the first thing that would hit them is the visual appeal of your interiors. You need to ensure that all the furniture and tools in your spa share the same visual theme or color scheme. Therefore, when you choose a manicure table, ensure that its color and design would blend well with the rest of your décor. If your interiors were predominantly made of wood paneling, then choosing a wooden table for manicure would make better sense. On the other hand, if the interiors are ultra modern and have a futuristic theme, then tables made of steel and glass would look more appropriate. Therefore, choose a table that would blend well with the theme and décor of your spa.

Although looks are important, you also need to pay attention to the utility value of your spa table. It should have the correct height to match the level of the chairs you have in your spa. The width or depth of the table should be sufficient to let the client rest their arms comfortably during the manicure session. The length of the table should be sufficient to house all the implements used for the procedure. It should also have enough drawers where the implements can be stored safely after use. Since most of these implements require power for their operation, the table should be close to a power source, or have channels through which power cords can be routed.

You need to buy the best manicure table that you can afford. If you are on a tight budget, you can also shop at spas that are closing down. You might be able to get used tables for a lot less. But you need to ensure that they are in a good condition, both structurally and visually. However, if you can afford to purchase brand new tables, then go ahead and buy them by all means.

If you plan well and take all parameters into consideration, you would be able to buy a good manicure table for your spa. The criterions listed above would also help you in making the right choice.

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