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How To Choose A Nail Dryer

How To Choose A Nail Dryer

One of the most frustrating aspects of applying nail polish is waiting for it to dry. Especially when you wish to apply two or more coats with an additional topcoat, the wait can seem endless. Although today’s nail polishes dry much faster than those that were used decades earlier, people still find it difficult to sit still and wait for it to dry.

If you run a nail salon, the waiting period has commercial implications too. The longer it takes to finish a cosmetic process on a client, the less number of clients you would be able to handle within a given period of time.

how to choose nail dryer stationA nail dryer can effectively shorten the amount of time it takes for nail polish to dry. There are different types of nail dryers. If you wish to buy one for personal use, you can go in for less expensive models. However, if you run a nail salon, you would need a more expensive model meant for commercial use. These models are designed for heavy-duty usage, where the instruments would be operated time and again on one client after another.

Nail dryers can be used for manicures as well as for pedicures. However, separate instruments are used for each process. Although the method of drying finger nails and toe nails is basically the same, the instrument used for pedicure is slightly larger than that used for manicure, based on the difference in size between a palm and a foot.

The lighter meant used for personal use also come in battery operated portable versions. The larger units used in salons need to be plugged into an electrical power source. These units use either heat or UV rays to dry the polish.

If you wish to get a dryer for professional use, you have to get one that comes with a temperature controller. You might have to use the dryer on both natural and acrylic nails. Since acrylic nails tend to dry more slowly, you might have to increase the heat while using it on them. Therefore, you would require a nail dryer station that has a temperature control feature.

Of late, aerosol sprays are available which aid in drying nail polish. All you need to do is spray these over the nails to make them dry quickly. There are salon versions of these sprays as well, which can be used in nail spas.

The days of waiting several minutes for your nails to dry are a thing of the past. With so many different drying aids available today, you can be up and running with a brand new shade of nail polish within a matter of minutes.

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