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    How To Disinfect A Pedicure Spa

    The health of your spa would have a direct impact on the health of your clients. You need to disinfect and maintain your spa regularly if you wish to preserve your clientele. There are a number of state mandated regulations that every spa needs to adhere to as well. Therefore, you have to take real good care of your spa, not only for the benefit of your customers, but also to be in total compliance with state regulations.

    First of all, you need to take a good look at the condition of each customer’s feet before they step into the spa basin. If they have any kind of sore, rash or open wound on their skin that could increase a risk of infection for them, you need to explain to them why it is not good for them to use the basin. Preventing them from using the basin would also stop possible bacteria from spreading from a diseased foot onto the spa basin.

    EPA disinfectant for foot spa chairsYou also need to understand that the skin on an otherwise perfectly normal foot can become weak and prone to infection after a routine pedicure treatment. The use of a file, nail clipper or pumice stone can cause abrasions or cuts on the skin and make it less resistant to infection. Therefore, you should always administer such treatments after the foot had been soaked in the footbath and never before. In other words, you should not soak a client’s feet in the footbath after you have administered a foot treatment.

    Secondly, you should wash and disinfect your foot basin after each and every use. Start by draining all the water from the basin and inspecting it thoroughly. Remove any visible debris from the basin. Then clean the surface of the basin with a soap solution or detergent. Follow it by rinsing the surface with clean water and draining. And then, disinfect the basin with an EPA-registered disinfectant that is used in hospitals. Note that the disinfectant should remain in contact with the bowl surface for as long as prescribed in the label of the disinfectant, which could be as long as ten minutes. This can be done when the client is undergoing some other treatment such as a pedicure or foot massage. If you have a pipe-less or whirlpool foot spa, fill the basin with water and the prescribed amount of disinfectant and turn on the unit to circulate the solution for the duration indicated in the label. After this, drain the solution, rinse with clean water and allow the basin to air dry.

    how to sanitize or clean foot spa chairsKeep the following in mind while choosing a disinfectant for your spa. Ensure that it is meant for hospital or medical use. The label should also list the names of the organisms that it is effective against. Look for the EPA registration number on the label. Also ensure that the label lists the various medical facilities where the product is meant to be used.

    Finally, go through a cleansing routine for your foot spa every single night before closing. Dismantle all the removable parts of the foot spa like the inlet jets and filter screen. Look for debris that could be trapped in them or in the enclosures where they are fitted. Manually scrub these parts with soap solution and a disinfectant. Rinse them thoroughly with clean water and fit them back onto the basin. Finish off by disinfecting the basin using the procedure you usually follow after each use of the basin.

    When you follow these procedures systematically, you can ensure that your spa is free of infection. You can also be confident that your clients get the best possible treatment in a hygienic and infection-free environment.