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    How To Do A Pedicure At Home

    Pedicure is the art of giving special treatment to your feet and toenails. Although there are a number of spas that provide pedicure services, you can do the same treatment right at home. You just need a couple of minutes to do a self-pedicure with products and utensils that you can find at home. Especially when you come home tired and do not have the energy or the inclination to go all the way to a spa to get a pedicure, you can pamper your feet in the comfort of your own home.

    First of all, you would need a wide enough basin to serve as a footbath. You would also need olive oil or other essential oils to prevent skin dryness, acetone lotion for removing old nail polish, soap solution for cleansing your feet, a pumice stone for smoothing rough edges, a nail file for shaping nails, and a soothing foot lotion to moisturize and tone your feet. If you are prone to smelly feet, you can use a foot powder to keep your feet dry and prevent sweating. You would most probably have all these products at home already. If not, you can always get them at your nearest pharmacy. Once you have all the required products, you can give yourself a pedicure treatment right at home.

    how to give yourself a pedicure at homeStart by pouring warm water in the basin and adding mild soap to it. Soak your feet in the footbath for about five minutes. If your soles are hard and calloused, you can soak them a little longer, until they become soft and supple. Next, pat your feet dry and proceed to remove old polish from your toenails. First apply some olive oil to your cuticles and then apply acetone over your nails with cotton balls to remove the old polish.

    Once your nails are clean, use a good file to shape and trim your nails to the desired length. Rub pumice stone over the skin surrounding the nails and under the heels to make them smooth and soft. Place cotton balls between your toenails and apply nail polish over them using two or three separate coats. Wait for each coat to dry before applying the next coat over it. You can finish off by rubbing some foot lotion to enrich and nourish your skin.

    That is all it takes to give your feet the special treatment they deserves. If you do this on a periodic basis, your feet will be in very good condition, and they will really take you places.