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How To Fix Your Weak Nails

How To Fix Your Weak Nails

Fingernails play an important function in our bodies. Like most of the other organs, they can also become weak due to a variety of reasons. When nails are weak, they become soft, thin and brittle. They can also become discolored and have rough patches. Here is a list of reasons why they could become weak or damaged if not properly cared for:

how to keep your nails and cuticles healthyPoor Health Conditions
A person with poor health can have weak nails too. Hormonal imbalance can cause weak nails, and so can conditions like Psoriasis or Hypothyroidism. The genetic makeup of a person can also make them prone to weak nails. Proper nutrition and medication under the supervision of a physician could help make the nails healthy and strong.

Harsh Chemicals
Our hands could come into contact with different chemicals used for everyday chores. Washing dishes, cleaning floors and doing many of the household chores manually can expose our hands to harsh chemicals. For this reason, it is wise to wear a pair of gloves when handling chemicals.

Nail Biting
Nail biting is not only a bad habit, it could also give rise to other health complications. Bacteria can be transferred from the nail to the mouth or vice versa. The look and feel of the nails is also pretty bad when a person is in the habit of biting nails. Nails can become weak and damaged from this process. It is best to get rid of the habit as quickly as possible for a permanent solution.  

Artificial Nails
Artificial nails such as acrylics can help you sport a trendy look. But when you remove them, they could damage your natural nails and make them weak. Moreover, the chemicals used in acrylic nails and the binding agents are harsh and damaging to nails. You could switch to gel nails, which use much milder chemicals.

Here Are a Few Ways to Strengthen Your Nails

Take care of your cuticles
Your cuticles are an important part of your nails, and play a huge role in maintaining their health. Take good care of your cuticles by applying a cuticle cream and keeping them well moisturized.

Use a Nail-Strengthening Polish
There are polishes that are specifically designed to strengthen your nails. Use them to make your nails stronger and healthier.

Take Vitamins and Nutrients
Vitamins and nutrients are essential to the health of your nails. Have a well-balanced diet that takes vitamins and essential nutrients into account.

Keep Your Nails Trimmed
Use nail clippers to trim your nails and prevent them from chipping.

Use these simple and effective tips to keep your nails healthy and free from damage.

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