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What You Need When Opening a Nail Salon

What You Need When Opening a Nail Salon

Opening a nail salon can be an amazing career opportunity.  No matter where you are people like to have nice nails.  There is something more to it though, you are taking up a job that allows you to make people feel happy and confident.  You are empowering people to feel better.  To be able to do open a nail salon though, you will need to look for the right things.

You will want to look through the local laws.  Many states and cities have licensing requirements for businesses and for beauty salons.  Evaluate what you need to open your business.  Normally you can find state licensing information on the Department of Licensing website.  For local information on business laws you can look on your city’s website.

Once you have determined the licenses you will need you will also probably know where you can and can’t have a business, this means it is time to find your location.  Make sure that you look for a location that is easy to access.  Look around at the neighborhood and see if there will be a lot of potential clientele there.  If you already have some clients you will want to try to position your business near them.  Long lasting clientele are more likely to recommend someone to your business so don’t be afraid to cater to them a little.

Iron out your business plan.  You should already have a pretty solid business plan but now that you have your location it’s time to conceptualize the plan.  Are you going to have a salon with traditional employees?  Booth rentals?  This leads to planning future employees, potential booth rent, and determine if you will need benefits.  Depending on your location and potential clientele it may be beneficial to consider a different method than what you had in your original business plan.

Knowing how you are going to employ your specialists will allow you to move on to the next question.  How are you going to layout the business?  The layout of your salon can give customers different impressions of your business.  You can come across as a very formal salon, or a more traditional, no appointments necessary salon.

Included in your layout will be deciding what equipment you will need to get.  You will want to pick a reliable brand.  It seems like an obvious statement but so many new salons buy the cheapest option they can find.  The mindset behind this is that they are just starting out and don’t need the best equipment right away.  They will be able to afford it down the road.  Well, what happens when the cheap equipment breaks before you have enough money saved up to buy a whole new unit.  Some of the equipment that you will need for your nail salon is:

  •          Spa Chairs
  •          Pedicure Equipment
  •          Storage Drawers
  •          Reception Desk
  •          Waiting Chairs
  •          Spa Equipment
  •          Nail Tools
  •          Color Supplies

You will obviously need much more than what is on that list, it is just something to get your mind started.  Your exact needs for your nail salon may vary depending on the services you plan to offer.  Don’t forget the obvious things like nail polish remover.

Now that you have an idea of how your business is going to look and the items you will need it is time to decide on your pricing.  How much will you charge for the services you offer and the products you sell?  This will allow you to determine how much equipment you can afford and what you can pay employees (yourself included).   These prices need to be clear cut and should be posted in your business before you open.

Start a new business, even something as fun as a nail salon, is difficult business.  If you stick with it though you can start a business with a large customer base and have fun while doing it.  Think of the process of opening the business as a journey.  It will have its ups and downs, just don’t let it get you down if you can avoid it.  And don’t give up.


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