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Lawsuits Aim At Nail Salons

Litigation is inevitable when doing business, especially in the client supply services as nails industry. Since this issue, lawyer Pham Van Pho will provide you useful information on litigation and precautions. Please follow up on this.

On a recent post on Vietnam News newspaper, nails salons in California were sued for a case of skin infection and insurance companies agreed to pay compensation to the victims up to 3 million US Dollars (?). Meanwhile, according to VietBeauty, Texas has also released new regulations on hygiene and disinfection in nails salons, after a customer died of foot infections.

According to Vietnam News, hundreds of customers have discovered the skin infection, which like leg burns at the first look. According to CDC (National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), this infection is caused by dirty water. According to Dr. Shelley Sekua - Gibbs, bacteria can easily penetrate through cuts or scratches while soaking feet in nail salons. Though not life-threatening, the consequence of this infection will leave ugly scars!

Even though the news were unverified, somehow it can help those who are working in nails salons to have more attention, and control the operation of their stores to avoid at the maximum level the infection cases which lead to lawsuits.

On foot infection, this is not the first time it happened. This phenomenon was discovered since 2000 in the Northern as well as Southern California. The scientific name of this disease is called Mycobacterium fortuitum, a skin disease caused by bacteria commonly found in soil and water. This efflorescence disease is found in the pedicure tools in nails salons. According to the report of the California Department of Health, patients often have to treat with antibiotics in 2 weeks to eradicate the infection. Some severely ill patients have to take 170 days to recover.

In a report of the California Department of Health by Dr. Kevin Winthrop in 2000 indicated that: the tests and surveys show a part of this disease is due to contamination of the city‘s water and can also by the water pipes. More importantly, many clients of nails salons still remain to get the disease even when pedicure tools were disinfected!

Besides these skin diseases, the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) also warned nails salons about possible dangers caused by the lack of sanitary conditions of the tools (not properly sterilized ), and the use of cosmetics and other nail products. These risks mostly consist of skin diseases and including systemic diseases as HIV (AIDS), hepatitis, etc.

FDA said that although the cosmetics usually do not need permission from this agency before sale, according to law, products sale on U.S market must not carry toxins and components that can cause injury to consumers. In fact, many products used in nails industry containing toxic components, for example, the acetonitride that is used to remove glue, is still sale on market because it is not harmful if used properly as directed.

However, the FDA recommends to people that do nails these basic points:

Need to sterilize manicure tools. The best way is the heat or chemical sterilization.

Force manicurist to wash their hands before manicure your guests.

Immediately report to the FDA any cosmetic that cause reactions to clients.

The manicurist should have sufficient expertise with enough training hours as well as work experiences.

In summary, to avoid all the occupational hazards, especially to avoid litigation that may occur, the best way is to keep the regulations on career and basic sanitation by State and Federal. The exchange of experiences and learn from professionals is also essential. “Prevention is better than cure" is still the most precious motto in this life.

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