Nail Care

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Picture of Mẹo chăm sóc móng cho những người phụ nữ bận rộn
Nail care tips for busy women
In the modern life, many women are such busy that they don’t even have the time for themselves. But if you still want to get more beautiful while busy, below are some good advice for your nails: The best way to remain the nice and healthy nail... next...
Picture of Pedicure In Pregnancy
Pedicure In Pregnancy
Don’t want to ignore your feet? Well, try “Pedicure”. It’s a cosmetic beauty treatment that not only beautifies your feet and toe nails, but also keeps them in lavish health. People from all walks of life use pedicure... next...
Picture of Quan Trọng Của Việc Làm Móng Tay
The Importance Of Manicure
Manicuring your hands can preserve them with beauty and keep them healthy. Manicure means a lot in the lifestyle of a girl. Every girl desires to have gorgeous looking hands and nails. These results can be achieved by regularly manicuring your... next...
Picture of Các Bệnh Về Móng: Bệnh Trạng – Nguyên Nhân – Giải Pháp
Nail diseases: Conditions - Causes – Solutions
Along with the synchronization development of body, nails also have the development process of its own, Nail, mainly compounds identified as keratin protein, has a role in human life and in the field of beauty worldwide. Therefore, as the expert... next...
Picture of Phương Pháp Giữ Móng Đẹp
How To Fix Your Weak Nails
Fingernails play an important function in our bodies. Like most of the other organs, they can also become weak due to a variety of reasons. When nails are weak, they become soft, thin and brittle. They can also become discolored and have rough... next...
Picture of Làm Móng Chân Bằng Cá
Fish Pedicure
Fish pedicure is a process where small fish are used to clean up the dead skin on clients’ feet. A specific species of fish known as Garra rufa is used for the process. The species is called by other names as well, such as kangal fish,... next...
Picture of Làm Thế Nào Để Điều Trị Bệnh Nấm Móng
How To Treat Nail Fungus
There are a number of ointments and creams available over the counter to treat nail fungus. However, they are not very effective since some infections can be stubborn and difficult to treat. Moisture is often a breeding ground for fungus,... next...
Picture of Cách Tháo Móng Gel
How To Remove Gel Nails
The best way to remove gel nails is to have it done professionally. A nail spa has all the required implements to remove gel nails properly, without messing the nails. Here is a brief overview of how a nail technician normally removes gel... next...
Picture of Cách Làm Móng Tại Nhà
How To Do A Pedicure At Home
Pedicure is the art of giving special treatment to your feet and toenails. Although there are a number of spas that provide pedicure services, you can do the same treatment right at home. You just need a couple of minutes to do a self-pedicure... next...
Picture of Tại Sao Lớp Biểu Bì Bị Cách
Why Are My Cuticles And Nails Separating?
Are you in the habit of biting your nails? There is a good reason why this is a bad habit. This practice could cause and infection which makes your cuticles to separate from your nails. The infection is called paronychia, and it could be the... next...