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    Nail care tips for busy women

    In the modern life, many women are such busy that they don’t even have the time for themselves. But if you still want to get more beautiful while busy, below are some good advice for your nails:

    The best way to remain the nice and healthy nail set when you are busy is that you go to do nail care in the nail center 1 or2 times/ week. Gel polish is the good solution because it is hard to be faded with the longer maintenance.

     nail care

    Keep the medium length for nails

    For the busy women, the nails should be cut and keep the medium length bcause the longer ones are hard to take care – it is worse if you have to do manual labours. But if you don’t want to shorten your nails, you can still keep the medium length, plus to file nails frequently; and if you want to polish, pastel colors are suitably attracting. They are such as pink, white, begie… they are nice and very fashionable. Some hot colors and too much strong design are used for special occasions. If you polish either thick or bright color for nails, it is easy for people to keep track on your peeling layer on your nails.

    Hand skin care

    It is essential to apply moisturizing cream on your hand skin and use suitable treatment not to get dry and broken skin. In cold season, it is good to wear gloves to protect hand skin in front of the wet wind.

    Choose the half moon nail style

    Nail style “Half moon” (French maincure) is always fashionable and get attraction by many women. This style almost suits for any cloths and length levels of the nails. It is – always beautiful and elegant.