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Nail diseases: Conditions - Causes – Solutions

Along with the synchronization development of body, nails also have the development process of its own, Nail, mainly compounds identified as keratin protein, has a role in human life and in the field of beauty worldwide. Therefore, as the expert remarked, nail itself reflects a certain health status of people. Understanding nail, especially nail disease, will help nail technicians or estheticians to have better way to service customers.

The application of that knowledge is very important to identify when it is safe to perform service activities to customer. Especially in the current conditions, when sterilized and anti-infection are being carefully reviewed in practical as well as the law construction process.
To serve customers in a professional and safe manner, the understanding of nail diseases is essential for the practice of nail care services. Nail diseases are often generally understand as the symptoms of nail disorders. Customers usually have some sort of nail disorder. Knowledge of nail disease will help you decide to do for customer (aesthetic improvements and beauty the nails) or suggest them to visit a specialist to have the best treatment.
Nail technician need to have thorough understanding of the following nail diseases:

1. Discolored nails:
Condition: Nail discoloration, including yellow, blue gray, green or red, purple nails.
Cause: Due to poor blood circulation
Solution: Covering the condition by false nails, nail wraps or use color pain

2. Nail scratches (Hang nails):
Condition: the skin around the nails is scratched.
Cause: Because the skin around the nail (cuticle) was dry or cut too close to the foundation.
Solution: Apply the oil and trim to soften the cuticle layer.

3. Bruised nails:
Condition: Hematoma under the nail, sometime color turns from purple to black.
Cause: Due to the nail bed (nail foundation) injury
Solution: nail itself may fall off in the healing process, so do not apply false nail for customer.

4. Corrugation nails (Furrows):
Condition: wavy appear vertical or horizontal along the nails.
Cause: Often caused by Psoriatic or due to poor blood circulation and frostbite. Sometimes for elders these symptoms considered normal due to age. Sometimes due to high fever, pregnancy, or due to headaches in children or by the lack of zinc can also cause these symptoms.
Solution: polish nails with polishing powder to shorten the ridges, filling the remaining with Ridge Filler material and covered with paint color, that will make nails look smooth and healthy again.

5. Small white dots on nail (nails are rice seeds - Leuconychia):
Condition: small white spots appear on the surface of the nail, sometimes called rice seeds.
Cause: Nail vulnerable due to the strong pressure or by the excessive use of nails or nails tip.
Solution: Explain to the client understands that unnecessary to be treated, nails will heal itself, but should avoid the causes mentioned above to keep nails from getting worse.

6. Nails fall off (Onychatrophia):
Condition: Nails are falling steadily.
Cause: Due to injury of Nail matrix or internal injuries.
Solution: carefully filing nails with smooth side of paper nail file. If it is internal injuries, you can explain to customer the disease will end when internal injuries are healed.

I wish you success in your career and always update your knowledge of nail technique.

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