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    How To Use Pedicure Chairs Safely

    In the spa market, there are many products such as spa bowl, spa container,… having air – jetted, piped, pipeless, whirlpool, non – whirlpool techniques that use for pedicure service. Each product has its own style with the special function. Choosing product would depend on customers’ desire, financial ability and each nail salon scale.

    Although buying foot spa, you had better use them following the instruction, especially the hygiene and fumigation method. It is surely combined the manufacturer’s requirement and the local cosmetic council’s. This article is to provide some actual experience when using foot spa to reduce the foot spa fine that happens more frequently.

    When should spa use foot-spa:

    -               The base: look after the foot and leg condition to decide to use the method.

    -               Alert: do not use the container when the workers see the broken, hurt or insect bite, crumpled or scratch wound. In addition, doing pedicure or wax after foot is soaked.

    After foot customer service, continue doing basic steps:

    -               Clear used water and dirt out of the container.

    -               Wash the container by soap, water and clear the water.

    -               Fumigate the container by medicine matching EPA requirement. Please take note the time to leave the medicine in the container carefully.

    -               Later all, clear water and wash by water until the container is really clean.

    -               For the container without pump, brush it by soap or fumigation material, then water and clear at all.

    Important principles:

    -               Follow the updated rules about foot-spa fumigation. Some states require that spas have to use medicine for containers, during the whirlpool machine and soak it into medicine during consecutive 8 hours for a week.

    -               Always know the presence of foot-spa’s cleaning situation. When you get the spa from the other, you should not only clean and assure to fumigate your container but also some tasks such as: contact to the manufacturer’s agency to use the fumigation process in detail. The advice is to use the strong functional fumigation material “Tuberculosis’s” to eliminate almost bacteria. After that, you need to clean and dry following the normal process that is mentioned above.

    Please remember that cleaning and fumigating foot-spa need to do frequently, closely and careful.