Pedicure Spa Chairs

Opening a beauty salon requires a lot of decision making. One of the most important elements of decision making is choosing the equipment that is required for rendering the services. There are those individuals that want to venture into the nail salon; therefore, the most important tool that is needed for rendering the services will be a large part of spa pedicure chairs. This will see to it that there is quality service in the salon. If it happens that this individual invests a lot on the spa pedicure chairs, then they will not be necessary since they are not relevant in a nail salon. Nevertheless, in regards to nail salon, making a decision of buying spa pedicure chairs is very essential.

Another important aspect is making a good budget, it is required that one should make a list of important things that are needed. The list should be written in the order of priority. This is important because you can buy some ideal spa pedicure chairs that might be expensive and turn out to be an inconvenience. he first question that should come in the back of your mind is what kind of whirlpool jet you want for your spa pedicure chairs. On the other hand, you should make sure that the spa pedicure chairs that you are buying are equipped the pipe-less jets. The pipe-less jet system is a running whirlpool with a jet impeller that has been placed inside the foot basin of the spa pedicure chairs. That is to say that there are no inner pipes that are no inner pipes that are connected hence there are no hoses to clean and no bacteria to be cleaned. The foot basin of the spa pedicure chairs should always remain clean. Since the spa pedicure chairs are easy to clean because of the pipe-less jet system, therefore it is recommended for all the salons today.

Comfort of spa pedicure chairs: Comfort of the clients is always the first priority that owners always consider that is why most of the owners prefer having spa pedicure chairs equipped with Tru-Touch or HTT back massage systems. These types of massage systems are comfortable compared to rod roller massage systems. The best way to tell the comfort of the spa pedicure chairs is to test them with water in them. Sit on them, test the back massages with all the functions on the remotes, if you feel relaxing, your clients will sure feel the same way as you do.

It is always required that one has to have the right budget so as not to be inconvenience. A new spa pedicure chair can cost from $1500 to $4,000, but the investment is necessary if you are concerned that your clients receive the most satisfactory experiences. You should set a budget before you even begin shopping so you don't overspend once you see the great designs and options. Every salon owner wants the best equipments for their salon, but you don’t want to pay for features and options that you won’t need. Unlike with many home items, price here is not always directly proportional to quality. To maximize the potential of your salon’s profit, it is vital to have spa pedicure chairs that leave your customers with feelings of tension relief and relaxation. Having good quality spa pedicure chairs is the key to repeat customers and referrals.

Clean spa pedicure chairs: One important factor is that one should always ask how the spa pedicure chair is cleaned. This is essential because the pedicure infections are dangerous can be transmitted easily through the water hat is circulating. The bacteria that cause pedicure infections can be introduced naturally through the water supply but this can only happen if the jet and screen of the unit are not drained properly. Therefore, you should always ask for instructions of cleaning and disinfecting of any unit you are purchasing this will ensure that cleaning is made easy.

There should be more stress on the cleanliness of the spa pedicure chairs no matter how clean the vendor claims it is. The unit should also be disinfected with the bactericide, viricide and fungicide that are registered with the EPA. This is very important because there have been some cases of deaths as a result of the pedicure infections.

One should ensure that the disinfectant that is being used is whirlpool friendly. This means that the spa pedicure chairs can be cleaned using jets and whirlpools. Disinfecting should be done before and after usage this will ensure that you are safe. 

You should also know the top brand names of spa pedicure chairs that are being used in the other salons by inquiring from the owners and the workers. You should also ask for their durability and their functionality. Visit the beauty supply stores and ask the nail techs for the best brands that you can buy so as not to be disappointed.

The features of the spa pedicure chairs vary form one manufacturer to another. The other choices will depend greatly upon your pocket book. The features that one should look for are recycling backrests, the mod lighting, color inserts, hand rinsing spray and headrest. Finally, the most important factor that one should consider is tough, safety, health, comfort and durability.

Installing spa pedicure chairs: most spa pedicure chairs are not required to be bolt to the floor. This and other factors are illustrated in the user’s manual. When installing the spa pedicure chairs, it is always necessary to seek help from the plumber and a qualified electrician. These professionals will ensure that you maintain your warranty. The professionals will also ensure that you have adhered to local plumbing and electrical codes.