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Pipeless Motors & Covers

If you need to update the whirlpool system of your pedicure chairs, make sure to go with pipeless. Pipeless means there are no pipes connected to the whirlpool motors. When there are no pipes, there are places for bacteria to live. Pipeless jets are quite simple to clean. All you have to do is snap off the removable impeller, sanitize them, and put them back on. There are a few popular pipeless motor brands and choosing the right one can sometime be difficult because of the size and specs. So if you have troubling finding a part, we are here to help. 

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Genji Get

Pipeless Whirlpool Jet For Pedicure Chair

PureFlo 4 Cap (2 Nozzles)

With PureFlo Logo • Easy To Remove For Cleaning • Dual Nozzle
From $23.00

PureFlo 4 Cap (3 Nozzles)

Easy Remove For Cleaning • 3 Nozzles For Shooting Water • PureFlo Logo On Cap
From $23.00

Pureflo 4 Motor

Pipeless whirlpool pump • Removable impeller • Easy to replace • Made in Germany

C/J Max Heavy Cap Kit with Magnet

Complete Kit With Magnet Impeller For C/J Max Jet

C/J Max Motor Kit

The Complete Kit Includes: CJ Max Motor, Electrical Cable, Cap Cover And Impeller

EZ Jet Cover

Two Nozzle Cap Cover For EZ jet System

EZ Jet Housing Set

Comes With Cap • Cover • Cover • Housing • Locking ring • Silicone Ring •

EZ Jet Motor

Made in German • Rated for : 85W, 120V AC, 1.4 A, 60 HZ

EZ Jet Motor Set

Complete with cover, housing and motor • German made pipe-less jet

EZ Magnetic Impeller

EZ Magnetic Impeller is used for Magnetic jet

EZ Magnetic Jet Housing

Complete Housing Set For Magnetic EZ Jet System

EZ Magnetic Jet Motor

Motor For Easy Jet Magnetic System

Genieye Jet Cover New Style

Genieye Jet Cover • Is new style • With white color

Luraco Magnet Jet System

Our Magnet Jet System are the ideal replacement if your motor is in satisfactory working condition.

Luraco Magnetic Cap & Impeller Set

Work Only With Luraco Magnet Jet • Include The Whole Front Housting

Stingray Jet Cover

Cover Cover Stingray Jet System

PureFlo 4 Jet System

Includes: Pureflo 4 Motor • Pureflo 4 Housing • Power Cable