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Pipeless vs. Piped Pedicure Chairs – What’s the Difference?

Piped vs pipeless pedicure chair diagram

Buying a pedicure chair? Confused on the type to get?

If so, then no worries.

Because today, we’ll discuss the “inner workings” of a pedicure unit – specifically the plumbing.


Pedicure units come with a bowl. This is where a client’s foot goes.

Water id delivered to the bowl for the treatment. Plus, jets are attached that provide a “relaxing stream” when cleansing.

And this is where the idea of “pipes” come in.

You see, a jet needs to get its water somewhere. Otherwise, how will it deliver that relaxing pressure to your client’s feet?

So in a “traditional pedicure chair” – pipes are what’s used in bowls. And that’s what we’ll discuss first…

Piped Pedicure Chairs.

The pipes are situated within the bowl.

In fact, they wrap around it. So they make up a large part of its size. And this makes traditional bowls “bulkier.”

Why Are They Structured Like That?

Because the jets in the bowl use circulating water.

That is, the water in the bowl is drained to the pipes – which is then redelivered to the jets over and over…

It’s like a water fountain. With one, you don’t get “never ending” fresh water coming straight from the water supply.

It’s recycled water. And this creates an efficiency advantage, where you waste less water on pedicure work!

But – There’s a Problem.

The bowls are also heavy. As a result, they are harder to install or remove for maintenance.

And on the topic of maintenance…

They’re Hard to Clean.

That’s the main reason why many businesses “despise” piped systems.

You see, not only are the tubes long. But they also wrap around the bowl, and from the inside…

So they’re notoriously hard to clean.

Plus, you need to clean them after every job. Because the problem with pipes is, dirt gets stuck inside them…

And it gets worse. Sometimes, bacteria (or fungus) gets stuck – depending on the client’s feet.

So you can’t let the next client use a bowl without a proper cleanse. You risk giving them a foot infection…

It’s akin to a restaurant handing you food on a dirty plate – it’s simply inacceptable.

Regardless – Cleaning is Necessary.

It’s one of the pains of running a salon. You’re not just servicing clients. But you’re also dismantling units for constant cleaning.

But no worries. Because this is where the “pipeless system” comes in. And it’s what we’ll discuss next!

Pipeless Chairs – Solving Issues of Piped Chairs.

They have every advantage that pipes lack.

But let’s start with the structure. Unlike piped systems, this bowl type doesn’t use jets. It only uses “fans” for the water pressure.

So you still get the relaxing effect. But, there’s no need for the water to circulate through pipes!

Also, there’s another system that pipeless chairs use. This being a “magnetic jet system.”

You can have those push water streams around. And they’re as effective as traditional jet systems!

Another Advantage.

They’re lighter. You don’t need the entire bowl to “house the pipes” around them…

This makes for easier cleaning.

After all, there are no pipes to scrub and wash after you’re done. You’re only scrubbing the bowl itself!

Plus, you get better maintenance. That is, your bowl is less likely to dysfunction or clog up. So it doesn’t go out of commission!

The only thing you need to worry about are “quality fans.” And that’s easy enough to find in a quality chair!

Example Product – Continuum Echo.

It’s a $4300 pedicure chair. But that’s too be expected in a pipeless product – which is always of superior quality.

As you’ll see from the chair, its bowl is small. However, it does come with a “jet extra,” assuming you want more pressure.

That’ll set you back another $125 per chair.

But over all, it’s a quality chair with excellent design. And it’s highly recommended for experienced salon owners!

Final Tip.

If you’re getting a pipeless chair (recommended), then don’t forget the draining system.

Lacking pipes for the water jets is part of the design. But lacking pipes for “draining the dirty water” isn’t an exception.

You still need those pipes. Plus, you’ll also need pipes to deliver fresh water for new clients.

So make sure to order those along with your chair!

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