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Pedicure In Pregnancy

Don’t want to ignore your feet? Well, try “Pedicure”. It’s a cosmetic beauty treatment that not only beautifies your feet and toe nails, but also keeps them in lavish health. People from all walks of life use pedicure in order to prevent nail diseases; they don’t want the harsh seasons to sign the death warrants of their beauty and push them into any kind of disillusionment. Though, it appears healthy and a million-dollar treatment, but the actual question is, is it really that healthy, especially for pregnant women? Let’s discover…

It’s the 21st century, and we aren’t the dinosaurs anymore. Today, we care regarding our health more than our next breath; we perceive that great health opens the floodgates of abundance and allows us to relish our lives fully. Especially, for a pregnant woman, it’s immensely significant to stay in the best state and prevent all kinds of infections. Therefore, she does everything in her power to keep herself exceptionally healthy and safe.

pregnant woman with pedicureHowever, there are a few things that sometimes baffle her and impel her to ponder the side effects of pedicure, over and over, during the pregnancy. According to some professional experts, pedicures are actually remarkably useful; they’ve some million-dollar benefits. If some woman wants some pampering during the pregnancy, pedicure could be the best solution for her. It has some specialties that relax a woman and make her feel wonderful.

Now, first, allow me to share some benefits of the pedicure during the pregnancy…

Pedicure in Pregnancy – Benefits

Pedicure facilitates the pregnant women to banish all kinds of early diseases and infection; they also keep them away from bad foot odors and dirt.

It relaxes the muscles, releases tension, and hands them soothing feelings. This emotional and psychological experience is always great for the mothers.

Enhances the blood circulation and releases the toxins, which, consequently, encourages new cell growth and gives smoother and gorgeous skin.

In pregnancy, it assists grandly in trimming the toenails, as it’s almost impossible for a pregnant woman to perform these tasks.

Lastly, and most importantly, a woman feels exceptionally good, and in a grip of confidence and love; she loves herself and relishes all the vibrant colors of life.  

This is just the tip of an iceberg. On the whole, it’s a blessing from heaven. However, there are some minor issues that can bring discomfort as well, only during pregnancy, and hand you some problems. Allow me to share them too in a tad detail.

Pedicure in Pregnancy – Drawbacks

In pregnancy, especially, try to stay away from the fish pedicure. As, some scientists believe that this specific pedicure spreads diseases through fishes.

Some chemicals aren’t great for a pregnant woman. Though, the professional salons perceive this better, but it’s still better to converse this thing first.

It’s not easy to hire that expert who understands the condition of a pregnant woman. Since, there are some ways of massages that you miss, or add, if a woman is pregnant.

These drawbacks don’t even matter if you’re opting for a professional salon for a pedicure. Since, as I’ve said earlier, they already perceive each tad detail. For instance, then know that if a woman is pregnant, it’s better to avoid deep tissue massage, as it stimulates the nerves and can cause contraction. Besides, the area between the ankle and heel is also rather sensitive; if, during a pedicure, you receive a deep massage there, you can experience premature labor in your last months. These small things, actually, matter.

Apart from this, though, some salons claim that their chemicals aren’t dangerous for a pregnant woman, and they’re rather right about it as well, but the issue is, the chemicals affect a pregnant woman in an utterly different manner. The fumes, or the smell, of them can make some women immensely uncomfortable, as during pregnancy, they’ve the heightened sensitivity, and they can’t tolerate the smell of chemicals, and etc.

What to Do? Now, of course, you must be pondering this question. If you’ve been planning to experience pedicure, do it. It has countless benefits; the only major thing that seems discomforting is deep tissue massage, especially on the heels and ankles. If you’re going to the saloon, tell the expert to avoid this specific area, and focus more on your front foot and nails.

Next, it’s pertinent to mention that avoid having pedicure if you aren’t at least 12 weeks pregnant, or more than 32 weeks pregnant. These both times are susceptible, and they can introduce some trouble. But, it’s rather easy to get information regarding this issue, as the professional doctors, and even most of the saloons, perceive this basic thing. Typically, they don’t allow a woman to have a pedicure if she’s pregnant and breathing during these two periods.

If you can’t afford a professional saloon’s service, luckily, there is something else which you can do; you can have top-notch pedicure service from a family member as well; just buy a good home-pedicure kit, and ask your husband, sister, friend or mother, to give you a pedicure. Just tell them to avoid massaging your ankle and heels. This is not only safe, but also doesn’t involve you in any risk of infection… Having your own personal, loving masseuse, and a few precautions, is definitely a great alternative to relish pedicure. 

All in all, if I say, after canvassing all the details, pedicure during pregnancy is safe, it would be utterly right. Just keep a few precautions in your mind, and don’t allow anyone to touch your knees or ankles unless you want to have a baby now. Ideally, it’s better to opt for those saloons, which are better in dealing with pregnancy issues, and can answer your questions well. Since, they’re trained to make you feel great, while keeping your condition in their minds; they comprehend all the sensitive areas of your feet and use only those chemicals which are healthy for you; they use pillows, wedges, and padding, in their own ways, to keep you comfortable and provide you the award-winning pedicure service.

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