Salon Equipment

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Picture of Facial Bed  LS-215-001A

Facial Bed LS-215-001A

Includes Technician Stool And 2 Drawers • Removable Armrests • Dimensions: 70"L x 33"W x 25 1/2"H
Picture of Facial Bed D3739

Facial Bed D3739

Adjustable Backrest And Footrest • Swivel 360 degree • Dimensions: 70"L x 33"W x 25 1/2"H
Picture of Facial Machine T214

Facial Machine T214

Skin Care Machine • High Frequency • Massage brush • Facial Steamer • Vacuum
Picture of Towel Steamer 360

Towel Steamer 360

Comes equipped with auto shut-off for safety and indicator lights that tell you when to replenish water • Additionally, the temperature can be adjusted from 90°F to 200°F and holds up to 360 towels • Dimensions: - Inside DIM: 16” (L) x 15” (W) x 39.5” (H) - Outside DIM: 21.5” (L) x 19” (W) x 56” (H) • Weight: 112 LBS
Picture of Towel Steamer TW120

Towel Steamer TW120

Auto Shut-Off Function • Hold Up To 120 Towels • Adjustable Temperature From 90F To 220F • Dimensions: - Inside DIM: 14.5” (L) x 13” (W) x 20.5” (H) - Outside DIM: 18” (L) x 16” (W) x 27” (H) Weight: 47.50 LB
Picture of Towel Steamer TW48

Towel Steamer TW48

Adjustable Temperature control: 85F - 220F • Auto-shutoff and low water indicator • Water full indicator prevents overfilling • Dual levels for holding 48 facial towels • Dimensions: - Inside DIM: 14.5” (L) x 8.5” (W) x 14” (H) - Outside DIM: 18” (L) x 12.5” (W) x 19” (H) Weight: 32 LBS
Picture of Towel Steamer TW72

Towel Steamer TW72

Adjustable Temperature From 90F to 220F • Low Water Indicator • Made Of Stainless Steel • Hold Up To 72 Towels • Dimensions: Inside: 14.5"L x 13"W x 14"H Outside: 18"L x 16"W x 19"H Weight: 39 lb
Picture of Towel Warmer TW-002

Towel Warmer TW-002

Double Deck Tower Warmer • Hold Up To 48 Towels
Picture of Towel Warmer TW18

Towel Warmer TW18

Hot Towel Warmer • Hold Up To 24 Towels • Dimension: 18"W x 11.5"D x 14.5"H
$139.00 $89.00
Picture of Towel Warmer TW32

Towel Warmer TW32

Stainless Steel Wire Racks • Dual Level Independent On/ Off controls • Hold Up To 48 Towels • Dimension: 16.5" W x 16" D x 17.5" H
$199.00 $139.00
Picture of 8-Function Machine T214

8-Function Machine T214

Facial Steamers • Massage Brush • Vacuum • Spray • High Frequency • Galvanic • Magnifying Lamp • Wood's Lamp •
Picture of Facial Bed D212-D

Facial Bed D212-D

With Facial Hole & Pillow • Adjustable Back Rest • Storage Rack • Chrome Finish • Dimensions : 73"L x 24"W x 26"H
Picture of Facial Steamer T201

Facial Steamer T201

Mobile Facial Steamer / Vaporizer With Timer, Ozone, And Adjustable Spray Arm • Dimensions: 32" x 14" x 16" • Weight: 27LBS
Picture of Facial Steamer T202A

Facial Steamer T202A

This Unit Softens, Re-hydrates, And Rejuvenates The Outer Layers Of The Skin • Stimulating Skin Blood Circulation Allows Skin To Look Refreshed • Low Water Detector • Overheat protection
Picture of Facial Steamer T386

Facial Steamer T386

Moisten And Cleanse Skin • Automatic Shut-Off When Water Is Low • Heat Protection • Dimensions: 35"L x 18"W x 13"H
Picture of Hydraulic Facial Bed D-3739

Hydraulic Facial Bed D-3739

Deluxe Facial Bed With Hydraulic Lift • Removable Armrest Dimensions: 72"L x 24"W x 25"H • Weight: 70 LBS • Adjustable Height: 25"-32"
Picture of Keane Paraffin Wax Warmer

Keane Paraffin Wax Warmer

The Keane Paraffin Warmer is the ideal warmer for full body, hands, and feet treatments. It can heat and accommodate up to 6 lbs of paraffin and offers customers a relaxing and comfortable experience.
Picture of Magnifying Lamp D205

Magnifying Lamp D205

Luminescence source • Can enlarge 5 times • Spring inside design • Philip’s lamp tube
Picture of Massage Bed D3331

Massage Bed D3331

Folding Portable Massage Bed • Headrest/Face Cradle Is Adjustable And Removable • Dimensions: 73"L x 30"W x 25"-35.5"H
Picture of Massage Chair D2227

Massage Chair D2227

Folding Portable Massage Chair With Adjustable Height & Angle And A Face Cradle • Easily For Transportation Or Storage • Dimensions: 36"W x 18.5"H x 49"L
Picture of The Hutchins Single Wax Warmer

The Hutchins Single Wax Warmer

The Hutchins Single Wax Warmer is an economic professional wax warmer. It distributes heat evenly so that wax is consistent and smooth. It features a light indicator when wax is ready and adjustable temperature control for optimal use. Includes one metal bowl with cover.