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    Six Method To Prevent Swelling After Wax

    Waxing is one of the services that are currently popular in the field of aesthetics. Implementing proper technique and ensuring maximum safety for the customers are the most essential requirement. The following notes will help you avoid redness swelling or scratch situation after doing waxing services.

    Six Method To Prevent Swelling After Wax * For the wax tools, in particular the tweezers need to be disinfected completely. Remember to clean the dirt sticking to the instruments before immersing them in disinfectant solution prescribed by the beauty industry.

     * For wax manipulation, after removing the remaining hairs with the tweezers, you should gently massage on the removed hair place. When finishing the wax, you should have to apply the creams or topical cream used after waxing (after-wax lotion). Doing so will help to have a smooth skin effect and make back cover the open pores. Besides, applying astringent chemical on the pores (astringent lotion) also brings good effect after waxing.

     * For the customers have sensitive skin (easily be exposed to infection) or have acne, they can be treated with healing medicines or a disinfectant medication under the regulations (such as erythrmoycin...)

     * Do not use wax on the skin having warts, moles, sores or spots are itchy or swollen. Particularly, do not wax the skin having ulcerated sign absolutely.

     * Do not make the facial or wax services for the customers with diabetes without a doctor's permission and for the customers with pigmentation disorder disease.

    * Normally, the customers have many hairs in the bare skin and under the brow, most of aesthetics technician usually use the tweezers to remove them. You should inform the customer have a sensitive skin about using tweezers to remove the hairs in there could cause swelling and pain. Applying the wax method to remove the hairs is better.