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    Some Basic Features Of A Spa Chair

    With advancements in technology, spa chairs are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The basic features offered in spa chairs these days are a boon to clients as well as to beauticians who work in the spa. The following is a list of some of the basic features found in today’s spa chairs.

    pipe-less jet system for spa chairPipeless Plumbing
    Water is required for soaking the clients’ feet before a pedicure or foot massage procedure. Therefore, most of the latest pedicure chairs come with a built-in footbath. Earlier, a network of pipes was used to create jets of water to circulate in the footbath. However, it was very difficult to complete clean and sanitize these pipes after each use.  Fortunately, chairs with pipeless plumbing are now available. They come with a propeller system that creates the water jets without the use of pipes. These chairs are easier to clean and maintain, thereby creating a clean and safe environment for clients.

    Heat and Massage
    Some chairs come with inbuilt heaters to warm the seat and backrest of the chairs. They also have a massage unit that massages the client as they rest on the chair. They are often controlled by a remote control, which the clients can operate on their own. This gives them complete freedom to choose the settings they prefer, as they receive a pedicure or foot massage treatment.

    Channel Music
    As clients relax on their chairs, they can listen to music wearing headphones. The controls for choosing music channels and raising or lowering the volume are found on the armrest. The chairs come with all the internal wiring required for channeling music to the client.

    Drink Holders
    Most clients would like to sip their favorite drink as they have their feet worked upon. Drink holders are another feature that can be found on most modern spa chairs. Most of them are placed to the side of the armrest. This added feature means that more space is required between chairs. Beauticians also need to be careful not to topple the drinks on their clients as they move in and out between salon chairs.

    liner for spa basinBasin Liners
    Some chairs come with basin liners which makes spa operations easier and quicker. These liners slide in and make a perfect fit over the bowl of the basin. They are easy to clean and replace after serving each client.

    These are some of the basic features that come with today’s spa chairs. All the features may not be found on every chair. However, you can choose the features that appeal to you the most.