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Spa Chairs Help Salon Customers Feel Lavish

The popularity of foot spas and pedicure salons is increasing tremendously. If you wish to provide a relaxing massage and truly pamper your clients’ feet, you need to have the best spa equipment. Most of the reputed foot spas and salons are fitted with extremely modern and comfortable spa chairs to give their clients a truly luxurious spa experience. Most clients feel so relaxed after a visit to their favorite pedicure spa.

The procedures at a pedicure facility can really work magic on one’s feet. Specially designed spa chairs are used to help provide efficient care to each client. There are different kinds of spa chairs that are available in the market. Each of these has specific advantages and features to provide a great pedicure experience to clients.

Electric Spa Chairs
These are used for massaging the feet of clients. Soft synthetic leather is used in these chairs to make it comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. Most spa procedures are time-consuming, and therefore require the clients to sit for several minutes at a stretch. However, the comfort of these chairs makes it a pleasant experience.

pedicure bedElectric pedicure chairs give the clients’ body a gentle massage even as they receive a foot treatment. This provides an extremely relaxing experience for clients. For the foot treatment, the feet are immersed in a bath that contains bath salts and sea salt. This soothes the skin and makes the feet soft. Once the power is switched on, the feet are kneaded using a foot massager. The intensity can be adjusted according to the preference of each client. The chairs come with an ozone sterilization feature.

Remote Controlled Electric Bed Pedicure Chairs
These types of chairs can be steered in any direction using 4 motors that are attached to the chair. The position of the chair can also be adjusted according to each client’s preference. The face pillow can be removed if needed, which is another advantage of this spa chair.

This kind of spa chair is widely used in most salons due to its stability and durability. It has a soft and comfortable polyurethane leather seat. The chair also has adjustable front and back rests, making it comfortable for all kinds of clients.

Basin Foot Pedicure Chairs
This kind of spa chair comes with a foot basin that is made of fiberglass, which is extremely durable. The chair is equipped to provide different types of massages like tap, knead and roll massage. It has 4 different massaging wheels that are flexible enough to accomplish this. The wheels can move up or down and can be adjusted efficiently. The chair comes with a remote control that can be used to adjust its position to move it forwards or backwards. Clients can easily adjust the spa chair’s position on their own, using the remote control.

Durable air bags are provided in the seat cushions and back to make the chair very comfortable to sit on. The bags are also transparent to give the chairs a futuristic look.

Basin Foot Pedicure Chairs are fitted with a pipe-less jet to make the footbath free of bacteria or other organisms. This makes these spa chairs extremely safe and free from possible infection. Customers would also feel safe to use these chairs due to this safety feature.

multi-function pedicure chair with ipadMultifunction Spa Chairs
If you need your spa chair to perform various different functions, then this is probably the spa chair for you. The chair can provide different kinds of massages like kneading, shiatsu and knocking. The chairs come with a mechanized control that can be used to move the chair up or down. Multifunction Pedicure Spa Chairs can therefore be used for different types of massages.

The chair comes with an armrest that has an attached tray. It can be moved up almost to the vertical position as the chair reclines backwards. Clients do not have to move their bodies or adjust to the changing position of the chair since the chair moves the various parts to completely support the body in any position. This provides the clients with a relaxed and enjoyable experience throughout their time at the spa.

If clients wish to listen to music during any procedure, they can switch on MP3 music that is available right on the chair. Multifunction pedicure chairs also come with a pipe-less jet feature that makes them extremely safe and free from infection.

The line-up of modern spa chairs is extremely sophisticated. You can find almost any feature that you can dream of in these exquisitely designed models. You can choose a model according to your own preference and the type of services that you provide at your spa. Getting the right spa chairs will help you provide the most relaxing experience for all your clients.

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