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    Spa Gym Amenities: Spa Chairs And More

    What image comes to your mind when you hear the term “spa gym”. Do you think of an enormous room with a wide range of exercise equipment surrounding a lone spa chair in the middle? Well, a spa gym is much more than that.

    What exactly is a Spa Gym and what is it used for?

    A spa gym is a perfect blend of both a gym and a spa. Livestrong explained the concept of a spa gym as a place that offers a wide variety of amenities, services and coaching to clients that they may not be able to get in a spa, or a gym alone. In a sense, the spa gym offers the best of both worlds within one single facility.

    gym and spaEven back in the 1970s, Jack LaLane, who was a fitness guru created some of the pioneering spa gyms. These facilities were almost 40,000 square feet in area. These spa gyms had classes for yoga and facilities such as showers, steam rooms, whirlpools and swimming pools. Likewise, today’s spa gyms also focus on providing a wide range of services for the well being of clients.

    Clients can come in and relax their bodies. They can work out to lose weight and become fit. They can improve their overall health by spending useful time at these centers. Some spa gyms also have special programs for detoxing the body. Procedures such as Ayurvedic panchakarma, lymphatic drainage, colonics and juice fasting can be practiced in these centers.

    Why Do People Really Love Spa Gyms?

    Clients love spa gyms because there are so many different options available at these centers for a wide variety of activities. For instance, if a client wants to have a massage, they can choose from Balinese boreh, Japanese Shiatsu, Philippine hilot and Indian Head among others. They can also go for different types of mud therapies to rejuvenate their body.

    People with medical conditions can also find relief at a spa gym. There are different therapies for conditions such as gout, allergies, arthritis and many other common ailments. One can find many more types of instruction classes for fitness, aerobics and other activities than found in traditional gyms.

    What other factors do clients want in a spa gym?

    Clients always look for spa gyms that are close to either their home or work spot. After a tiring day’s work, the last thing they want to do is drive hundreds of miles for hours on end to get to their gym. Most clients would prefer to use the spa gym that is closest to them.

    The next most important factor that they look for is cleanliness. Amenities meant for common use such as spa chairs and massage tables need to be maintained well and sanitized after every use. A spa gym that is clean and maintained well would always be able to attract more clients.

    On the other hand, if the facility were dirty or not maintained properly, clients would not want to use the facility. They may visit once, but never return again. Cleanliness and health safety is one of the most important factors that people look for in a fitness center. After all, people come here to get healthy and fit, and getting sick is the last thing that they would want from their visit to a spa gym.

    While there are a number of public spa gyms in many places, they can also be found in private areas. Some offices have their own spa gyms exclusively for the use of their own staff. People can also have these facilities right in their homes. This would give them more privacy and help them save commuting time. They also need not worry about health issues and infection, which is a major concern while visiting public centers.

    What are the major Spa Gym Amenities?

    Clients who are used to traditional spas or gyms would have a hard time trying to imagine about a facility that combines a gym and a spa. For this reason, they would always want to first visit a center and see for themselves what it really is like, before they sign on and become a member or undergo a beauty procedure.

    Clients would also wish to inspect the spa gym first to check the cleanliness level, and see how the different facilities like showers, pools, and other massage tables are maintained.

    The décor of the spa gym is also extremely important for clients. Especially those who are used to the trendy atmosphere of spas would not find it comfortable to enter a stark and empty room that is randomly littered with exercise equipment. They would expect a certain amount of class in the interiors.

    When the internal ambience is inviting and relaxing, it would enhance the relaxing experience that clients have at a spa gym. A facility that incorporates all these aspects would surely be a successful spa gym.