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Human Touch HT-135 cushion pad set

We carry most parts for pedicure chairs on the market. You will find pedicure spa parts of most manufacturers such as Lexor, Gulfstream Inc, Alfalfa, Pedispas Of America, Continuum, T4 Spa, Lezon, LC Deco, TspaLLC, AYC, J&A and Fiori. Our parts are from the manufacturers, so rest assure when you buy from us. It can be hard to diffirentiate between parts and getting the correct one is very important for your chair repairing process. If you can't find a part, please contact us at support@uspedicurespa and we will help you with any trouble searching for items that you need. 

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Hot/Cold Water Hose

PVC Inner Pipe • 36 Inches Long • Nut Size: 1/2 Inch • Perfect For Installing Hot And Cold Water Lines Pedicure Chairs

Main board For Top Massage Chair Model 9620

Main board For Top Massage Chair Model 9620

Over Flow Control Knob

Chrome Finished • Fits With Most Over Flow On The Market

Over Flow Set

Universal Over Flow Set For Spa Chairs • Stainless Steel Bowl • Comes With Drain Stopper

Power Strip EB51

5 Plugs • 36 Inch Long Cord • 1 Air Control 3 Outlets And 2 Hot Outlets • UL Listed

Power Strip EB62

6 Plugs • 36 Inch Long Cord • 2 Air Controls (1 Controls 3 Outlets And 1 Controls 1 Outlet) 2 Hot Outlets • UL Listed

Rubber Connector

Rubber Connector 1" - 1.5" • Comes With C-Clamps

Sprayer Hose

Chrome Finished • 1/2" Turning Nuts • PVC Inner Pipe • Fits With Most Sprayer Head

ANS-16 Massage Chair

$680.00 $800.00

ANS-P20 Massage Chair

$680.00 $800.00

Arrojo Spa Base

Chemical Resistant | Strong Fiberglass | Optional Magnetic Liner Jet

Fedora Spa Base

4 Gallon Capacity | Strong Fiberglass Base | Elegant Crystal Bowl

Fior Spa Base

Adjustable Footrests | Chemical Resistant Base | Optional Magnetic Liner Jet System