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Human Touch HT-135 cushion pad set

We carry most parts for pedicure chairs on the market. You will find pedicure spa parts of most manufacturers such as Lexor, Gulfstream Inc, Alfalfa, Pedispas Of America, Continuum, T4 Spa, Lezon, LC Deco, TspaLLC, AYC, J&A and Fiori. Our parts are from the manufacturers, so rest assure when you buy from us. It can be hard to diffirentiate between parts and getting the correct one is very important for your chair repairing process. If you can't find a part, please contact us at support@uspedicurespa and we will help you with any trouble searching for items that you need. 

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Genji Get

Pipeless Whirlpool Jet For Pedicure Chair

PureFlo 4 Cap (2 Nozzles)

With PureFlo Logo • Easy To Remove For Cleaning • Dual Nozzle
From $23.00

PureFlo 4 Cap (3 Nozzles)

Easy Remove For Cleaning • 3 Nozzles For Shooting Water • PureFlo Logo On Cap
From $23.00

Pureflo 4 Motor

Pipeless whirlpool pump • Removable impeller • Easy to replace • Made in Germany

38 Arm Series Chair

Full Function Massage • Kneading Massage • Roller Massage • Dimensions: 32" x 17" 10" • Weight: 140 LBS

9600 Up & Down Wire

Up And Down Wire For Gulfstream Massage Model 9600

9600/9640 Kneading Belt

Replacement belt for kneading motor of top chair 9600/9640

9600/9640 Remote Wire From Circuit Board

Remote Wire From Circuit Board For Gulfstream Chair Model 9600 And 9640

9600/9640 Up & Down A/C Motor

Up/Down Rolling Motor For Chair Model 9600 And 9640

9600/9640 Up & Down Belt

Replacement belt for motor of Gulfstream 9600 top chair

9620 Armrest

Armrest for Gulfstream 9620 chair

9620 Counter Sensor Board

Counter Sensor Board For Chair Model 9620

9620 Front Cover

Front Cover For 9620 Top Chair.

9620 Hydraulic Wire

The Cable Connected To Actuator Gun And Actuator Control Box

9620 Kneading Motor Belt

For Gulfstream Chair Model 9620

9620 Main PCB

Main PC Board For Gulfstream Chair Model: 9620

9620 Main Wire

The Main Cable For 9620 Top Chair

9620 Manicure Bowl

Manicure Bowl For Top Chair 9620.

9620 Massage Unit

The Main Unit Of Top Chair 9620.

9620 Percussion Motor

The Percussion Motor For Chair Model 9620

9620 Percussion Motor Belt

Percussion Motor Belt For Gulfstream Chair Model 9620

9620 Pillow Low Profile

The Pillow For Top Chair 9620

9620 Power Switch Wire

The Power Switch Cable For Top Chair 9620 From Gulfstream.

9620 Remote Wire

Remote cable for 9620 chair

9620 Seat Cover

Seat Cover For 9620 Top Chair

9620 Transformer Wire

To Connect From Transformer To PC Board Of Top Chair 9620

9620 Tray Bracket

The Bracket For Manicure Trays Of Top Chair 9620

9620 Up/Down AC Motor Belt

UP/Down AC Motor Belt For Gulfstream Chair Model 9620

9640 Armrest Dark Wood (sold in pairs)

Pair Of Armrest 9640 For Gulfstream Pedicure Chairs.

9640 Armrest Light Wood (sold in pairs)

A Pair Of Armrest For Top Chair 9640 ( Light Wood Color)Manicure Trays Are Sold Separately.

9640 Chair Cover Kit

Complete Cover Kit For Top Chair 9640 From Gulfstream Inc.

9640 Forward & Backward Hydraulic

Actuator Gun For Pushing Chair Forward And Pulling Chair Backward. For Gulfstream Top Chair 9640 Only