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We offer wide selection of affordable spa pedicure chairs. We guarantee lowest prices and we will price match any competitor's prices. We are authorized dealer of all leading pedicure chair manfucturers in the USA such as Gulfstream Inc, Lexor Spa, Alfalfa Nail Supply, LC Deco, Pedispa Of America, Tspa LLC, Pro Spa Depot and many more. Finding the pedicure spa can be a tough task since there are over 200 models on the market. With over 10 years in the nail and spa industry, we will help you choose the quality pedicure chair at the right price. Contact us today, our sales representatives will be happy to walk you through every step.

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M3 Pedicure Spa Chair

Fully Automatic Massage System • Adjustable Footrest • Power Seat Adjust System • Up/Down Lifting Armrest • Technician Stool Included
$1,499.00 $2,199.00

M5 Pedicure Spa Chair

Clear Foot Basin • Power Seat Adjustment • LED Spa Light • UP/Down Armrest For Easy Access • Pedicure Stool Included

Maestro Pedicure Spa Chair

Built-In MP3 Player • Removable Foot Massage Rollers • Five Year Warranty On Solid Basin • Technician Chair Included • Made In USA

Mariposa 4 Pedicure Spa Chair

Specially Designed For Kids • Pipeless Jet System Technology • Matching Pedicure Stool Included

Mimi Kid Pedicure Chair

Pipeless Whirlpool Jet System • Adjustable Footrest • Premium ultra leatherette • Armrests adjustable up/down for easy access • Dimensions: 45"L x 22"W x 49"H

Mini Lavender Pedicure Spa

No Plumbing Needed • Spa Base With Dark Cherry Laminate • Adjustable Legs Support

Paris Double Bench

Perfect For Couple • Glass Bowl • Laminate Base • Pipeless Whirlpool jet System • LED Spa Lights

Paris Spa Bench

Thick Elegant Glass Bowl • Spa LED Changing Colors • Laminate Wood Colors • Dimensions: 54"L x 40"w x 51"H

Paris Triple Bench

Elegant Glass Bowl • Spa LED Light • Manufacture In Canada • Dimensions: 51"L x 116"W x 59.5"H

Prestige Spa Pedicure Chair

Acetone Resistant Ultra Leather • Auto-Fill System • Digital Automated System • 2 Year Manufacture Warranty

PSD-100 Pedicure Spa Chair

Matching Leather Side Panels • Adjustable Foot Rest • Ecojet Magnetic Drive Jet • Shiatsu Multi-Function Massage System • Glowing LED Bowl
$1,485.00 $2,650.00

S3 Pedicure Spa Chair

Adjustable Foot Rest • LED Spa Light • Luxurious Ultra Leather Upholstery • Advance Rolling System • Technician Stool Included
$1,499.00 $2,099.00

Selena Double Bench

UL Certified • 9 Crystal Bowl Colors • One Year Warranty

Selena Spa Bench

Pipe Free Clean-Jet System • Faucet With Pull-Out Spray • Thick Elegant Glass Bowl • Dimensions: 54"L x 40"W x 51"H

Simplicity Pedicure Spa Chair

No Plumbing Or Installation Required • Lightweight Removable Bowl • Manual 4-Way Seat • Rolling & Kneading Massage • Dimensions: 61.71"L x 29.5"W x 52.2"H • Made In USA

Simplicity Plus Pedicure Spa Chair

No Plumbing Required • Full Function Massage System • Made In USA • Adjustable Footrest • Dimensions: 61"L x 29.5"W x 52"H

Stella Spa Pedicure Chair

Crystal Glass Bowl • New 2015 HT-138 Human Touch Massage • Optional Upgrade To HTxT4 • USB Port • Acetone Proof • One Year Warranty

Stella Wood Spa Pedicure Chair

Armrest made of polypropylene • Corded remote control with full function massage • New Human Touch Model HT-138 Or HTxT4 • USB Port

Tiffany Double Bench

UL Listed • Pipeless Jet System • Thick Elegant Bowl

Tiffany Single Bench

Elegant glass bowl | Magnetic IDjet technology

Valentine Spa Pedicure Chair

Fiberglass Base • Acetone Resistant • Full Function Massage System • Wood Manicure Trays
$2,184.00 $2,600.00

Vantage Pedicure Spa Chair

Acrylic Bowl With No-pipe Technology • Adjustable Footrest • Chemical Resistant • Rolling & Kneading Back Massage • Made In USA

Vantage Plus Pedicure Spa Chair

Full Function Shiatsu Massage System • Power Seat Control • Adjustable Footrest • Dimensions: 61.71" L, 29.5" W, 52.2" H • Made In USA

Versas Spa Pedicure Chair

Tru-Touch 16-Function Massage System • Acetone Proof Base • Pureflo Pipe-less Jet System • Technician Stool Included

Chocolate 777 Pedicure Spa Chair

Full Function Massage System • Acetone Resistant • Piple-less Jet System Technology • Tub LED Changing Color • Manufactured In USA
$2,184.00 $2,600.00

Cloud 9 Pedicure Spa Chair

Pipe-less Jet System Technology | Wood Manicure Trays | Glas Bowl • Scratch And Stain Resistant | Dimensions: 30"W x 55"L x 44"H
$2,352.00 $2,800.00

EZ Back Zero Gravity Chair

Invented By Nasa Engineers • Eliminates Back Pain • Improves Sleep Quality
$999.00 $1,500.00

L270 Spa Pedicure Chair

2 Tone Spa Base Color • New Design With Wood Arms • LED Spa Light • Full Automatic Massage System • Dimensions: 54"L x 26"W x 53"H
$1,349.00 $2,000.00

L280 Spa Pedicure Chair

2 Tone Spa Base Color • Technician Stool Included • Full Function Massage System • Pipeless Jet System Technology • Adjustable Footrest
$1,399.00 $1,999.00