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Pedicure Spa Bases

Our pedicure spa bases are made of high-density fiberglass, solid wood or stainless steel. You can choose just the base only or you can get it with parts installed. When you choose installation option, we will install a pipeless whirlpool jet, hot/cold water hoses, on/off switches, Power outlets and drain line. Drain pump is optional, if your drain line is underground then a discharge pump is not needed. 

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Chocolate Spa Base

Comes In Variety Of Colors | Optional Magnetic Jet | Durable Frame

Cloud 9 Spa Base With Bowl

The Cloud 9 Spa Base With Bowl • All Components Will Be Preinstalled

Alessi Spa Base

Strong Fiberglass Base | Strong Crystal Bowl | Optional Magnet Jet

Arrojo Spa Base

Chemical Resistant | Strong Fiberglass | Optional Magnetic Liner Jet

Fedora Spa Base

4 Gallon Capacity | Strong Fiberglass Base | Elegant Crystal Bowl

Fior Spa Base

Adjustable Footrests | Chemical Resistant Base | Optional Magnetic Liner Jet System

Lenoir Spa Base

4 Gallon Capacity | Acetone Resistant Material | Optional LED Lights

Lotus Spa Base

Two Tone Color | Fiberglass Base | Optional Luraco Pipe-less Jet System

Serenity Spa Base

Strong Fiberglass | Chemical Resistant | UL Certified

Viggo Spa Base

Available In Black And White | Adjustable Footrest | Strong Fiberglass Base