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    The Skin Treatment You Can Make From Your Kitchen

    The skin treatment you can make in your kitchen, from moisturizers for the skin surface to herb bath.

    • We all have those days as the car will not start, the computer breaks down, the elevator does not work, and we have to walk up to six storeys and make dinner after we go home. Each day passes with the same things and we all want to get rid of. We do not want to wash dishes and store food in the refrigerator, and the worst thing is that situation will start again tomorrow.
    • But I promise you that, if you just spend a few minutes to do treatment  in the kitchen at home instead of going to the spa, you'll be happy with what you do.

    A few years ago, our grandmother did a few things likewise and I got a whole list of prepared way, which helped her keep her youth before Calgon.

    • When your skin feels tired and old, you want to quickly make it fresh again, you have to use ripe peach with more ice cream. This moisturizer is very stimulating and can massage your face or other parts of the body, once a day. To keep this mixture is longer, you should put it in the refrigerator.
    • There are many benefits of mayonnaise to your hair, but if you know you can massage it into your skin as a cream? The best thing to process products for your own is by mixing eggs, vegetable oil and vinegar. Beat together with rate 1 egg, a cup of vegetable oil and two teaspoons of vinegar. You can also use the type of mayo for a long time and it does not contain salt. After shampooing, mayonnaise can be used as hair balm. Let massage it into the hair and scalp, keep it about thirty minutes, then clearly rinse with vinegar and warm water.
    • There are many ways to make skin treatments that you do not need to spend much time to mix things together. However, there are many fruits and vegetables to nourish your skin. All we see the utility of pieces of sliced ​​cucumber covering up your eyes to refresh and alleviate swollen part of the eye, but they are also a great way to clean the skin when you sliced ​​out and fill it up whole of your face. Similar utility and effectiveness is pieces of sliced ​​tomatoes, you should give it a try.
    • Do you want something to refresh your skin only on hot days? There are many changes in the formula, but I learned a great preparation, you take shoots ofpeppermint with three cold stones, place in your blender to puree then pour that mixture into a towel , roll it and rub on your skin.
    • How about relaxing bath, we all love it? There are many ways to make an herbal bath. You can boil the herbs, then strain them to take the water and put it into your bath. Or you can do like your grandmother did, is tie dried herbs in a wash-cloth or muslin bag and hang them in the shower when the tub is filling. Another bath bag you can do is to mix up a part of grain with a part of dried herbal. It’s also good if you use oatmeal and will be useful as a cereal. Oatmeal will be useful to soften and smooth skin. Cereal will be useful to exfoliate.

    The following list is a list of herbs you can choose base on the bathing way you are looking for in the bath.

    Stimulating skin: laurel, lemon scented oil, marjoram, peppermint, rosemary, yarrow.
    Relaxingskin: chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, thyme, vanilla.
    Smoothing skin: aloe vera, calendula, rose, sage, also known as sage, yarrow, honey, oatmeal.

    So next time you're in the kitchen and you feel like getting away, or you just want to relax after a stressful day, you open the cupboard and check your refrigerator and you will find completely necessary compositions for a spa night at your house.