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    The Various Services Offered At Nail Salons

    Nail Salons are beauty centers that offer special services for nail care. These salons are also called “nail bars” in certain countries. Apart from pedicures and manicures, nail salons offer nail enhancements using acrylics, fiberglass and other artificial materials.

    Manicure involves the filing, shaping, trimming and polishing of fingernails. Pedicure is the same treatment for toenails. Beauticians also apply nail polish and perform special treatments for the skin in the hands and feet.

    Although nail salons primarily offer services for nail care, some of them also offer other services like facials, waxing and various skin care treatments. Beauty specialists working at these centers are called nail technicians or ‘nailists’.

    services at nail salonsApart from taking care of nails, nail technicians can also apply artificial nails over regular nails. Some attachments are meant only for the nail tips and extend outwards from the natural nail. The tip is attached to the natural nail using special glues. Acrylic is then applied over the entire nail to make it uniform.

    Full nail attachments are also available. These are fashioned on top of the regular nail over the full length of the nail. Various different materials are used to form nail attachments. Molds or forms are used to create and fashion a full-length nail using acrylic.

    Artificial nails comes in both natural colors as well as vibrant, artificial colors. Natural colored artificial nails are normally used when a person’s natural nails are cracked or are not of the desired length. They are made to look as authentic as possible. Artificially colored nails are used for cosmetic and artistic beauty.

    Nail care involves manipulation and trimming of nails by the nail technician. But since there is a risk of spreading infection through the tools used by the beautician, most countries have specific laws for beauty centers. While legal requirements vary from region to region, most nail technicians are required to possess the necessary qualifications stipulated by the state in order to be eligible for offering their services.

    Nail attachments started as a fashion statement among noblewoman several centuries ago. Wealthy women who did not have to work with their hands wore lengthy nail attachments. According to some sources, nail fashion started in China during the Ming Dynasty. It also became popular in Greece during the early part of the nineteenth century.

    Nail fashion started gaining popularity throughout the world only in the late twentieth century. With new materials and innovative technologies being developed today, the trend is bound to become even more popular in the days to come.