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    Things You Need To Know When Using Models

    The model is a mandatory condition in nail competition. Initiatively choosing the right standard model will help you complete the exam better. Here are the experiences related to the use of models.
    • Indiscriminate of gender. Both men and women are acceptable.
    • Ask a family member, relative or hire outsiders to be the model is acceptable in condition not violating the prohibitions are outlined below.

    Standardization of model:
    • Do not have deformed limbs or deformities.
    • Do not have skin diseases on hands, nails and feet (scabies, mold, fungi ...). Do not use model that have skin lesions, nail diseases such as nails splitting, cracking, too dry, corrugation nails ... Avoid using model with respiratory diseases, allergies, diabetics, heart disease, epilepsy .... You should select model with healthy hands, feet and nails long enough to apply forms easily.

    Absolutely avoid:
    • Do not use the models
    o Under 15 years old (apply for California ) ( * )
    o Under 16 years of age (apply for Texas ) ( ** ) . Model under 18 must have the consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian.
    • Do not carry pre-built false nails model.
    • Do not use model who are the profession (teaching cosmetology or direct practice).
    • Do not use the model who is studying or studied Barbering, Cosmetology, Electrology.
    • In the test process, model is not allowed to have any prompting activity, reminding contestants in any form.

    In generally, the standard model should get allowable conditions, as the true model for nail competition. Thus, to avoid violations and fraud may lead you to be dropped. Even you are undetected at that time, your qualification is still deprived later if there is any evidence of violation of rules.