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    Benefits of Vibration Machines

    Vibration machines are machines that are designed to be fat burners that encourage weight loss.  They use a belt or a platform to work out your muscles.  Dozens of times every second your muscles are forced to contract and relax.  These machines have many benefits including the weight loss you will experience when you incorporate them as part of a healthier lifestyle.

    Stronger Muscles

    One of the most obvious side effects of using a vibration machine is that you start to build your muscles stronger.  The contracting and relaxing of muscles caused by vibration machines is similar to that you undergo during a workout.  If you are using a full body vibration machine this gives your full body a workout.

    Weight Loss

    Because your muscles are working they will cause you to burn calories which will result in weight loss.  This is the same as with any time you work out your body.  However, the weight loss will only work if you integrate vibration machines with a healthy lifestyle.  Because your muscles will grow stronger during vibration training your metabolism will get a boost because your muscles learn to use the fuel that comes from food more efficiently.

    Flexibility and Jumping

    The work with the joints and muscles by a vibration machine loosens stiffness and increases flexibility.  Additionally, synovial fluid is released during the use of a vibration machine.  This fluid lubricates the joints and allows them to move smoother.  The increased flexibility in addition to the stronger muscles increases the ability of one to jump.  A study in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research has been studying the increased jumping ability from the use of a vibration machine.

    Alternative Strength Training

    There are a lot of medical conditions that could prevent someone from being able to work out normally.  The amazing part of a vibration machine is that it doesn’t require you to move yourself.  It works amazingly well for those that cannot get a workout in the normal way due to a medical condition or injury.

    Bone Density

    There are a couple of different conditions that can cause your bone density to deteriorate.  This can cause in the reduced ability to use their bodily parts.  Studies have shown however that using vibration machines can help to combat the deterioration in your bones.  Not only does it help to strengthen the muscles but to strengthen the bones.


    If you go into the gym and conduct an intensive workout you need to cool down after.  Typically you would have to walk or do some extensive stretching to get a complete cool down.  Using a vibration machine lets you take a recovery break while still giving your body a full body workout.  By taking a good recovery exercise on the vibration machine you will feel little to no cramping, stiffness, or soreness the next day.

    Hormone Stimulation

    Using a vibration machine helps to stimulate the release of hormones, most specifically the human growth hormone.  The human growth hormone is one of the hormones responsible for the repair, regeneration, and stimulation of damaged bones, muscles, and tissue.  Vibration machines also cause the release of serotonin, a hormone responsible for happiness.  As an added benefit the vibration helps to reduce the production of the hormone known as cortisol.  Cortisol causes both anxiety and stress. 


    The amount of vibration that happens in your body while utilizing a vibration machine causes you to increase your lymphatic drainage.  This drainage pushes toxins out of your body.  It also increases the blood circulation and oxygenation which helps your cells to repair themselves and even regenerate.

    There has been some worry in the exercise industry as to whether the addition of vibration machines damaged your muscles and bones after a workout.  Recent studies have found that there is very little to no extra damage added to your body when using a vibration machine as part of your workout.

    By adding a vibration machine to your workouts you will be increasing your overall physical ability and well-being.  It isn’t a magical cure but there are very few things in life that will help out with such little work.  This is one of them.  It will also help you feel better in the process of making you healthier via the release of the hormones and contraction of certain hormones.  Just make sure that you incorporate it into a healthy and active lifestyle.