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Wooden Pedicure Chairs

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La Violette Pedicure Spa Chair

Optional air vent system | Optional LED light feature | Magnetic IDjet technology

Simplicity Pedicure Spa Chair

No Plumbing Or Installation Required • Lightweight Removable Bowl • Manual 4-Way Seat • Rolling & Kneading Massage • Dimensions: 61.71"L x 29.5"W x 52.2"H • Made In USA

Simplicity Plus Pedicure Spa Chair

No Plumbing Required • Full Function Massage System • Made In USA • Adjustable Footrest • Dimensions: 61"L x 29.5"W x 52"H

Stella Wood Spa Pedicure Chair

Armrest made of polypropylene • Corded remote control with full function massage • New Human Touch Model HT-138 Or HTxT4 • USB Port

Vantage Pedicure Spa Chair

Acrylic Bowl With No-pipe Technology • Adjustable Footrest • Chemical Resistant • Rolling & Kneading Back Massage • Made In USA

Vantage Plus Pedicure Spa Chair

Full Function Shiatsu Massage System • Power Seat Control • Adjustable Footrest • Dimensions: 61.71" L, 29.5" W, 52.2" H • Made In USA