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    What you should know before becoming a nail salon owner

    To be a Nail Shop Owner, you need to research and understand the suitably of this business for yourself instead of acceptable desire.

    Own Boss – you want to control everything without any employer or business man over you.

    Income opportunity – if your work thrives, the commission you can get would be higher than fixed salary from a normal employee.

    Working hour – you should spend from 65 to 75 hours per week for appearance operating at your shop. Over work can make you fatigue.

    Family help – it is essential if you have a family helper in the period that your shop is newly opened and you have few clients.

    You may get troublesome about the employees/ workers for lacking of clients. Although you accept to cover everything for them, it is hard to keep them stay long, especially for some who are very good at their nail skills. The reasons are:

    (1)   They are afraid of getting money because of doing nothing.

    (2)   They are not time – fixed people following the shop’s working hour.

    (3)   They feel stressful when making the customers waiting, even moving out.

    (4)   More reasons in the book: Nail knowledge – management and operation.

    Language capability: the Nail Shop Owner should have ability to use English to communicate without relying on any worker in the shop.

    Stress durability:  the owner needs get used to the situations of either waiting customers while the shop have not enough workers/ employees to serve or covering fee when having a few clients.

    Job knowledge: Out of the nail skills, the owners need to get full job knowledge of operation and management to be able to control and solve with relevant issues of clients, workers/ employees, or related or nearby competitors.

    Financial capability: the Nail Shop Owners need finance availability, reserve funds… so that they can be used to pay for additional costs during the new opening period or having few customers with under net profit.

    In conclusion, you may not need to have full of the above conditions to be a successful Nail Shop Owner. However, they are essential for you if you want to operate your shop longer and more sustainable.

    Wish all luck for your path way!.