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Ghế Lotus 111

Manufacturer: Pedispa America
Hệ Thống Xoa Bóp Tân Tiến • Tay Ghế Lên/Xuống Tiện Việc Ra Vào • Đi Theo Ghế Cho Thợ • Một Năm Bảo Hành
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Do I need a drain pump for my pedicure chair?

It depends on your drain line. If your drain line is under ground below the floor level then you won't need a drain pump. If your drain line is above the floor level, then a drain pump will be needed. Most of the pumps on the market are able to pump water up to 6 ft hight, if your drain line goes higher then a stronger is needed. Please contact us for more details

Should I get a regular jet or magnetic jet?

A magnetic jet is easier to clean compared to non-magnetic jet because it is easier to remove the magnetic impeller. If you want to use disposable liners, then a magnetic jet must be installed. s of July 1, California nail techs using disposable pedicure liners can skip the 10-minute disinfecting soak of their pedicure basin between clients. About 90% of our customers choose magnetic jets over regular jets. Please take a look at video below to compare between the two: