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    How To Keep Your Hair Shiny And Healthy

    Natural hair care tips to bring back shine and moisture to your hair

    Your hair is naturally comprised of protein. Everyday being exposed to dirt and dust from environment pollution can wash away moisture of your hair after coming back from outside. The efficient way to add the shine and moisture back to your hair is to provide a proper protein treatment, which is normally quite expensive at salon. Instead of paying for that pricey treatment, you can exploit some cheap and useful natural ingredients and just apply some tips below on your hair, the results definitely show up amazing and the benefit can be long-lasting for regular practice.

    1.       Nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle

    There is no doubt that nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle maintenance play a crucial role in the general health of your hair.

    Ensure to drink sufficient amount of water per day and also don’t forget to include protein into your diet .There are various sources of food rich in protein such as lentils, eggs, chicken, beef, pork. In addition, Vitamin A is widely considered as a crucial nutrient in enhancing hair growth. As a result, green leafy vegetable , carrots ,salad, fresh fruits are highly recommended to be included into your diet recipe.


    1.       Avoid some hair styling treatments

    According to a large number of statistics, the use of harsh chemicals causes severe damage to the growth of hair in the long run , as a result, it is a good option to embrace the natural beauty of your hair and stay away from such hair treatments which relies on chemicals or at least make sure you just seek for it very rarely.

    1.       Select appropriate shampoo and conditioner

    Another crucial step to maintain healthy hair is to keep it clean and select the product which is well-suited to your hair type. More precisely, choose a good combination of shampoo and conditioners which are designed for your hair type

    For dry hair: select the one which does not strip off the natural oils of your hair so soon.

    For oily hair : select the one which serves to restrain the function of your oily scalp.

     Another attention should be paid when taking shower is that hot water causes serve impact on the tips of your hair. Hence, cold or lukewarm water is advisable.

    1.       Always treat your hair in gentle manner

    Don’t be so harsh when you comb  or dry your hair since the harsh actions or movements can exert negative influence on your locks

    1.       Should not comb wet hair

    It is advisable not to comb wet hair because after shower, your hair is so fragile and easier to get broken. Avoid using hair dryer is a good choice .For example, let your hair dry naturally during summer.

    1.       Let your hair down

    For the person who often wears her hair in a ponytail, it is better to take it out for at least few hours per day to give your hair  a break. Remember not to bind your hair so tightly. And keep in mind to remove  any sort of accessories from your hair before sleep  

    1.       Taking omega 3s

    According to some internists in health center , omega-3 fatty acid is good source of providing moisture to your hair.Hence, taking approximately three 250-milligram capsulesof omega 3 is proved to bring a recognizable benefit to your hair.


    1.       Drink tea

    In order to provide additional natural shine to your dry hair, freshly brewed unsweetened tea after your shower will offer positive effect on your hair. Tea is likely to improve your hair color but ensure to choose the appropriate tea which works out with your hair color. For example chamomile tea is favorable to blonde hair ; black tea is useful in boosting shine and color to brunettes.

    Now we turn to reveal some simple homemade remedies for dry and damaged hair:

    1.       Whip up an apple cider vinegar mask

    You are able to put the life back into your damage hair by  the terrific homemade remedy. The method is simple and not time-consuming at all. You merely need to make a

    combination of three egg whites , 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons of olive oil , stir them smoothly and then rub the mixture into your hair. Cover your hair by plastic wrap or shower cap and then leave it  for approximately half an hour  and then shampoo it out. It is advisable to shampoo your hair a couple of times more than usual (condition is preferable) to eliminate greasiness

    2.      Create a "shampoo omelet"

    As the name suggests, you can make a mixture of shampoo omelet by combining a small amount of shampoo and one egg. Simply lather the solution on your damaged hair within ten minutes. Follow up shampoo and condition as mentioned in previous method. This treatment is mainly aimed at boosting the protein in your hair.


    1.       Aloe vera gel

    Aloe ver gel can be served as the efficient hair treatment for damaged hair or brings a new life to change the current manner how your hair looks. Rather than using your frequent hair conditioner, you merely shift to aloe vera gel.Similar to your hair conditioner, Leave aloe ver gel on your hair for roughly two to three minutes and afterward rinse with water.Cold water or at least room temperature water is preferable. Regular application of aloe ver gel will be paid off with long-standing beneficial effect


    1.       Botanical oils

    There are variety of botanical oils which act as efficient hair treatment to damaged hair and are ubiquitous at health food stores such as  olive, jojoba, and sweet almond oils. For example :coconut oil is well-suited to thick and heavy hair owner.At the first stage, rinse  your hair with cold water and lather small amounts of the botanical oil on your hair, cover it with shower cap or plastic wrap. Let  it sit in  for more than 30 minutes since it requires sometime to be absorbed totally into your hair. Finally, rinse and shampoo your hair out.