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    Things To Do Before And After A Massage

    Massage therapy can be a great way to relax, there are also many trained therapists who specialize in helping to recover from injury.  No matter why you are seeing a massage therapist the benefits of massage are great and sitting in massage chairs can be all you need to start relaxing.  However, to get the most out of massage therapy you should try out these pre and post massage activities.

    Before A Massage

    Find The Best Therapist

    Before you get a massage you should insure that you are going to the best therapist you can.  Read reviews of local therapists.  If you are looking for a therapist to help you with a medical condition make sure that the therapist has been trained in such an action.  Some therapists provide massages solely for the purpose of relaxation.  Also, should you be looking to use your insurance make sure that you are looking at providers that your insurance will cover.

    Speak With Your Therapist

    Many therapists have their own training and practices for before and after a massage.  Make sure that you speak with the therapist that you choose in advance of going to your appointment. They will also be able to give you recommendations on what not to do before and after a massage.

    Take Care Of Your Body

    Taking care of your body is important whether you are getting a massage or not but if you don’t take care of your body you will lose out on the effectiveness of your massage.  Eating healthy will help you massage work better.  A warm shower before your massage will clean your body off to make it easier for the massage therapist to work.  It will also loosen up your muscles and body.

    Drink, Avoid Eating

    You should drink water before your massage to help remove the toxins and buildup in your body before you go into a massage.  It’s best not to have you massage turn up the toxins.  In addition, you should avoid eating right before your massage.  Eating before massage therapy might cause you to feel bloated and make laying in massage chairs uncomfortable.

    After A Massage

    Schedule A Follow-up

    Scheduling a follow-up appointment is important.  It allows you to relax and stay relaxed.  Those who are seeking massage therapy as a medical treatment should speak with your massage therapist to determine how often you need to come back.  Most people should have a massage at least once a month to keep their injuries under control.  Not all injuries are the same though and some may need more frequent treatment.


    After laying in massage chairs for an hour your body will be relaxed and won’t be ready for any hard work.  It would be wise to perform some stretching to get your body back into gear.  Your therapist can give you some tips on what stretches to do.  They will also recommend if you should stretch before your massage.

    Do Not Workout

    Workouts should be done before your massage.  Working out after your massage will help to undo any kind of loosening up of your muscles you have just done.  A massage will also help to loosen up your body after you work out, another reason to perform your workout beforehand.

    Do Not Drink Coffee

    Whether you are having your massage in the morning or evening you shouldn’t drink your favorite caffeinated beverage after getting a massage.  After a massage caffeine is known to cause your muscles to tense up and make it hard to move.  It basically undoes all of the work your massage therapist just performed.

    Speak With A Doctor If…

    Feeling pain during or after a massage isn’t normal unless you have a major injury.  Even then the point of a massage is not to make your body hurt, it is to relieve the pain.  Speak with a doctor if you experience pain after a massage.  Do not confuse pain with soreness with pain though.  Some people do experience soreness after a massage and if you do, treat it.

    To get the most benefits of massage follow these instructions for before and after your massage.  Whether you have had a massage before or not it doesn’t hurt to talk to your therapist to see if there is more that you could be doing before or after your massage.  Enjoy being on massage chairs and get the most out of your massage.